What's Going On With Your Weather?

Wholy Crap! That sux!

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Im hoping LadyShelley can elaborate on how often the state burns down because it has been an ominous mystery to me

I swear my house in Westminster is in a rain shadow. I can watch the weather come over the mountains and the clouds literally split in half as they move out onto the plains. It is weird.

Then we have the fun of everything hitting either the north part of town (so us) or the south part of town. No in between that we all get a little. Nope. Some parts of town get socked and others get nothing. LOL!


Umph. Man, you did not get the welcome to Colorado we want to give folks. That was scary. We’re pretty sure that if the winds hadn’t shifted and died down when they did, we would have been in the next pre-evac zone.

Just adds to the flavor.

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Weeellll …

This year was actually pretty quiet on the fire front because we had so much moisture in the spring and early summer. Prior to the Marshall Fire, I would have said we are out of the danger zone now that it’s November, but we haven’t had much significant rain or snow for weeks now, so things are getting crispy.

An urban fire like that is not common. Usually, it’s the mountain towns that have to worry about that sort of thing.


Seriously, thank you for the response - that’s been the most informative info I’ve gotten on the area outside of my own experiences


My mom lives in Louisville, one of the two cities (along with Superior) that burned the most. Thankfully her house was okay, but she did have to evacuate very suddenly, and ended up being gone (up in Loveland) for a week because there was no clean tap water at home. She also knows people who lost everything they own.

We’re originally from Colorado (Denver) and she’s lived around Boulder for the past 20 years and she’d never seen anything like it before. They have wildfires but never anything that just tore across a built-up area like that, or spread so quickly. That’s the good news. The bad news is, I don’t think there is a “normal” anymore and people everywhere are going to start seeing more and more of these freak events, until we have to stop calling them that.

So it’s not a normal event. But it can certainly happen again, and I would strongly recommend you have both a Go Bag and an evacuation plan. What my mom did is actually have an out of town friend call around and secure her a hotel room while she was packing the car; by the time they reached Loveland there wasn’t an unreserved room in town.


Im glad your mom is okay! Im hoping everything is back to normal for her.

For my part, as soon as the thought occured that my home might burn down while my back was turned, I started downloading first alert things.

I told my lovable supervisor that I’d bail the very moment I thought the cats were in danger and he was like, “yup that tracks”. Beyond those two morons theres not much Im worried about losing outside of my car and wallet :slight_smile:


One nice thing about the people around here. Animals are important. Any time there is an evacuation, shelters are set up for pets and large animals so they can get out too.


Thanks, and yeah as normal as possible – the fire stopped about a mile from her neighborhood, and she knew to turn off the HVAC and close the windows so she didn’t get a bunch of smoke sucked into the house.

That’s a good plan but just FYI no alert went out before this fire – my mom was signed up for emergency alerts, and you know how she found out? Her friend in New York called her and said “are you watching the local news?” :flushed:

Of course, that’s one of the things they investigated in the aftermath, so hopefully there will be improvements. But she got a call from NY and, thanks to 20 years in the Army, my mom was able to be out of the house with all their prescription meds 10 minutes later. She knows people who waited and then couldn’t get out of the neighborhood because of all the traffic (but were thankfully okay).

Blurring the below because it is sad information about pets

It’s nothing short of a miracle that their were only 2 human death attributed to this fire, given the speed (if you watch the video taken in Home Depot it’s harrowing). Unfortunately, the after-investigation found that about 2000 pets perished. People just didn’t have time to get back to them before they had to flee. One idea is to set up a cooperative pet rescue agreement with your closest neighbors – swap keys, and each keep the appropriate pet carrier somewhere easy to find, so if you’re not all home someone has at least a chance to save your cats.

I did not know about the first alert failure, but the blurred part is taught in crises management as part of mass disasters, unfortunately. I need to find a trustworthy neighbor or something

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Weatherman is showing a graphic- all the models are predicting from 1.91” to 2.21”. Rain starting about 0700, then rains foor about 20 hours. Temps are forecast to drop to about 37 tonight, then rise all day, until a high in the mid 50s at about 2200.

The rains have arrived! :clap: :clap:
All day rain event today and into tomorrow then clearing out before Thanksgiving with at least 2 inches total possible with a slight chance of thunderstorms :open_mouth:
We’re down between 6-7 inches so it won’t be a drought buster but will put a nice dent in the rain deficit. Still, it’s the most rain we’ve had here in months :+1:

Going on 3:30pm: the temperatures are slowly rising and fog thickness is increasing from a warm front passing through from the southwest… It was in the upper 40s this morning and now almost 60F.
Thunderstorms are moving towards my locale from Georgia. If they hold together, they could be here in a few hours :open_mouth:

Going on 7:30pm and the winds are picking up… A line of thunderstorms is increasing in intensity as it approaches :open_mouth: Temperatures continue to increase; currently 65F and climbing.
8:30pm; the intense line has reached my locale and the downpour is impressive :open_mouth: The city has been lackadaisical about cleaning up the fallen leaves on the streets so there’s flash flooding happening due to clogged storm drains… Our tax dollars at work ladies & gentlemen :roll_eyes:


Looks like we received over 2 inches of rain from this storm system… 2.22" to be exact so that was nice.
Currently foggy and 55F with fog. A few lingering showers today then back to a dry spell with limited chances of rain next week :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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1.57 spread over 16 hours here in Virginia. The high temp for yesterday, 57, happened around 2100.

A lot of rain and very high winds last night. Good thing the leaves are off the trees.

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Denver’s high today will be 67F

Denver’s high tomorrow will be 43F

Denver’s high on Friday? 25F

So windows will be open this afternoon to get some fresh air in the house before the cold sets in.

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Didn’t think we got as much as we did because it never rained very hard, but it was constant and slowly getting heavier until midnight. My weather station hit 1 inch at 10pm last night but it had been raining since noon, another inch added in the next 2 hours, then it slowed down for another half inch for the rest of the morning.

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Im here for your weekly weather, hah