What's Going On With Your Weather?

I’ve been noticing more Canada Geese seem to stay year round. That’s probably not a good sign.


We went from a possible 6in of snow to a half-inch of rain. Lows in the 20s, highs in the 50s.

Typical Ohio River Valley weather. Always trying to trick us.

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So far all we’ve gotten was a steady rain. No flash flooding rains as predicted. We might get an inch of rain total out of this system.

In the last 24 hours our forecast has gone from 6-9 inches of snow to less than an inch. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get zero.

Looks like I’ve got today or tomorrow to finish weeding my lavender patch

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Rain ending overnight but Strong winds will be moving in tonight with some gusts over 40 mph possible and even higher in the mountains. :open_mouth:

And that storm is headed my way next.

Forecast calls for heavy rain to start late tonight (they say possibly heavy enough to wake people), then it will pull in enough cold air to kick it over to snow north and west of DC. Then it’s out of here by noon. All day tomorrow, winds >20, with gust near 40.

Looking at my journals from 1984 in the Detroit area we had 55 degrees warm and sun on Valentines Day. Kensington Lake ice was almost gone in the Metropark. That February was one of the most mild I recorded.

Date High Low Average
2/1/1984 29 1 15
2/2/1984 43 9 26
2/3/1984 43 33 38
2/4/1984 37 30 33.5
2/5/1984 31 19 25
2/6/1984 19 11 15
2/7/1984 23 11 17
2/8/1984 29 14 21.5
2/9/1984 40 17 28.5
2/10/1984 44 23 33.5
2/11/1984 40 35 37.5
2/12/1984 57 35 46
2/13/1984 57 44 50.5
2/14/1984 54 32 43
2/15/1984 53 28 40.5
2/16/1984 45 29 37
2/17/1984 46 33 39.5
2/18/1984 45 38 41.5
2/19/1984 52 38 45
2/20/1984 46 33 39.5
2/21/1984 41 27 34
2/22/1984 57 27 42
2/23/1984 64 33 48.5
2/24/1984 48 33 40.5
2/25/1984 37 23 30
2/26/1984 36 19 27.5
2/27/1984 29 20 24.5
2/28/1984 27 22 24.5
2/29/1984 27 15 21

Looking at various lake cameras, I’m surprised none of the upper lakes appear frozen. Even the habor in Duluth is open water and it appears the Soo Locks are also open water.

I read the Great Lakes are only 5% frozen right now, a record low for this time of year.

The storm is well past northern VA. It left us with just over .8 precipitation, caped off with a brief burst of snow that mostly melted on contact. Temps are low 40s, but with plenty of wind, wind chill is low 30s, and not expected to improve much if at all.

We didn’t get a single snowflake. The snow line missed us by about 30 miles or so.

This storm was a real forecasting fail. It went well south of where the forecasts predicted even 24 hours ago.

I watched the Super Bowl with family about 50 miles from home (Western NC), and I was worried enough about the storm to strap up and drive home after the game instead of crashing and driving home in the morning. Good thing I went to the trouble; I really dodged some major… intermittent drizzle.

A few inches of snow this morning, very heavy wet snow, turned to mostly slush on the roads and driveway. I’ll have to make sure all the slush is pushed off the driveway when I get home from work, supposed to go well below freezing tonight.

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Snow moved out around noon and the sun came out, so most of the snow is now gone, maybe I won’t have to clear the driveway when I get home from work.

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Trending towards our second straight snowless winter…
This is the longest streak on record for our area.
Last recorded snowfall was January 29, 2022 with only a trace amount (0.2") :disappointed:


2 clipper systems in play.

First is today / tonight / now.

Second is tomorrow evening/night


Well the snow has kept way south of the Chicago area. We just have a few flurries this morning.


Fast moving storm is supposed to come through tonight. Perfectly clear now, but by midnight it’s supposed to start snowing and give us 2-5 inches by noon tomorrow. Then by the afternoon we are supposed to be back to clear and sunny.

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Same here. That would be the 2nd clipper I mentioned yesterday.

Edit to add -looks like it’s taking I-70

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