What's in your hotdish?

I made my hotdish last night, what do you guys put in yours?

Zesty curly fries
Cream of broccoli 2 cans
Peas 1 cup
Carrots 1 cup
Ground Beef/bison 1lb
Montreal steak seasoning
Onion chopped 1 cup
Garlic chopped 1 clove
Olive oil ~1/4 cup

Step 1: coat bottom of frying pan with olive oil over medium heat add onion. Cook until starting to brown. Add ground beef and garlic and brown meat.

Step 2: preheat oven to 350°F. Add meat to casserole dish in even layer, add peas and carrots even layer, add cream of broccoli even layer, add zesty curly fries to top in even layer.

Step 3: Bake uncovered 1hr. Let sit 5 min, enjoy!


Pork ribs.
Marinade - cumin, smoked garlic, smoked paprika, thyme, salt, pepper, timur berry pepper, smoked oil, balsamic vinegar and Aleppo pepper.
Finished with a sauce of tomato ketchup, maple syrup, black garlic ketchup and Henderson’s Relish.
Not bad.

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Last time I tried to make a casserole (Mom’s classic tuna), I couldn’t get it down. All I could taste was salt and regret. I guess your stomach really can’t go home again.

I do have a slow-cooking-for-vegetarians cookbook that’s yielded up a nice version of Stroganoff. Also a savory bread pudding thing with cheese and pesto which is sort of casserole-ish. I should fix those again now that fall weather’s finally reached us.


If it doesn’t have a name then why isn’t it called Curly Whirly?


My recipe is Tater Tots, Two cans Cream of Bacon Soup, mixed vegetables, sweet sausage,
garlic, onion and a few red pepper flakes. I also use a powdered mushroom as a seasoning as we both don’t care for the texture of actual mushrooms.


My hot dish is basically a box of au gratin potatoes in a casserole dish. Extra cheese on top.


Boil a pound and a half of sliced potatoes for ten minutes and drain. Meanwhile, melt half a stick of butter in an oven safe pot. Mix in eight ounces alfredo sauce, a quarter cup of plain yogurt, a tablespoon of dried mined onion, a quarter cup of grated parmesan, and a half teaspoon each of salt and pepper. Mix in potatoes and top with more grated parmesan. Bake at 350F for thirty minutes.

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Whole lot of things.

Chicken… corn… green peppers… and chili…

[utterly defeated world-weary sigh]



works well for tuna or chicken:
cheddar cheese
frozen peas
green or red peppers
cream of mushroom soup
salt and pepper
top with more cheese and bread crumbs
For the chicken version I also top with shaved almonds
My wife, who is from MN, informs me this is not actually “hot dish” as I bake it in a lasagna pan, but, it is hot and it is a dish, so categories be darned!

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The secret ingredient is whistling while you work. :sunglasses:


I was raised on Tater Tot Casserole. Still love it.

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I’ve lived in Florida the vast majority of my life, so I really am unfamiliar with Hotdishes, but I’m really curious!

Are there rules to what’s in them? Are they casseroles, or are they different?

(I feel like someone on here has explained this to me before, but I can’t find that thread.)

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I just had some pastitsio. Hotdish of the old world.

Is there any difference between hotdish and anything made in the style the French call Ugh-Rotten?

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Narcotic Casserole.


It is a type of casserole, rules are pretty loose: protein topped with vegetables topped with starch and some kind of cream sauce to hold it together. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


These days I’m really more of a sheet pan dinner person. I guess you could think of that as a dry, flattened hot dish. :smiley:

If “Hotdish” = “Casserole” then my favorite is my enchilada casserole

Fry up 1 lb to 1.5 lbs hamburger. season it with salt and garlic powder (you technically should also add some onion, but I hate onions). mix in a 10 oz can of enchilada sauce and about a cup of salsa (heat level to taste) and a can of corn (drained). then you get some of those little “street taco” sized corn tortillas and some shredded cheese. and make layers in your casserole dish. A layer of tortillas, followed by a layer of hamburger/corn, followed by a layer of cheese then another layer of tortillas, etc. The top layer should be tortillas and a sprikling of cheese. pop that baby in a 350 degree oven.

Having a bit of extra enchilada sauce to dip the top layer of tortillas into before putting on top is optional but highly recommended since it keeps them from drying out and becoming tough.

If I cram a bunch of Hot Pockets into a dish and cover it in cream of mushroom soup, is that a hotdish?

:laughing: A-ha! Just as I suspected! You’re Jim Gaffigan, aren’t you?

Lasagna is an Italian hotdish.

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