What's the Back Story on the New MST3K

I could probably just research this on the Internet, but what the heck. I’ll let you smart people straighten me out.

I’ve only seen the “new” MST3K on Youtube, which has the complete season 13 and no other complete episodes. (Some legal issue, I suppose.) So fill me in.

What’s the back story? I mean the fictional one, not the real one behind the scenes. Who are these characters? How did they wind up on the Moon? What’s going on?


Not sure why the YT channel is only running season 13, the channel regularly streams everything that Shout! has access to.

As for the backstory, it’s all in the opening song for Joel and Mike. Basically they are average Joes who are shot into space by their bosses (AKA the Mads) and forced to watch cheesy movies. Joel made robots to keep himself company.

Emily’s backstory is covered in the first few season 13 episodes.

Oh, yes, that part I know. I watched the “old” MST3K on TV years ago.

I’m just wondering how the “new” characters relate to the “old” characters. (Kinga is the granddaughter of Pearl Forrester, I believe? That’s the kind of information I’m after.)

Max claims to be the TV’s son of TV’s Frank.


There really isn’t a lot of backstory.

Clayton is Pearl’s son (and Kinga’s father)

Max is related to Frank. (his full name is TV’s Son of TV’s Frank (Max for short))

Joel, Mike, Jonah, and Emily were kidnapped by various mads.

Synthia is a clone of Pearl.


Yes, Kinga is Dr Clayton Forrester’s daughter (and thus Pearl’s grand-daughter).

If I understand your question, it was all covered in the opening skit in the first show of the Netflix era (which is why episodes 11 and 12 aren’t on LeTube - Netflix owns them).

Jonah was a Gizmonics asteroid miner, on his way back to the Gizmonics moon base towing a nice load of asteroids. Kinga had built a secret base on the dark side of the moon, that included the Gizmoplex. Max sent a fake distress call to Jonah, who dropped his load and responded to the call. That’s when he was kidnapped and…

I can’t find the full skit, but combined with the season 11 opening, this and the answers above should answer your questions (I think).


There was also something about a wedding between Kinga and Jonah somewhere in there…

The theme on the moon in season 11 was a bit of about Kinga reviving her father’s experiments to drive a person crazy. Season 12 was something about a wedding to drive up the ratings because it was popular on reality TV or something. Kinga tries to marry Jonah while Max gets mad about it. Season 13 was about building the Kingadome and a somewhat too close to home plot to me where it is financed by a strange financier from the future that seems like he’s probably not real.

I thought the wedding was S11. S12 was tje gauntlet and Kinga’s challenge to watch it all at once.


Sure. That makes sense.

Also, Mega-Synthia - she’s a clone of Synthia, who is in turn a clone of Pearl.

She’s a copy of a copy. As you can imagine, she’s slightly off.

She was introduced during one of the live tours. I’m not sure if she has any further explanation beyond this.

But she is a delight.

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They also brought Emily in this past season to simulate what it’s like being on the SOL. I don’t remember a reasoning behind it.

Joel got brought back through time by Dr. Erhardt. I did like that story line mostly because I always felt he got left behind when they left KTMA.

One of the Netflix seasons claimed that Kinga’s mom was Kim Catrall. However…