What's Your Favorite MST3K Related Memory?

Just wondering if you have any fun or favorite memories related to MST3K that is not directly related to an episode (like something that happened when you were watching an episode or quoted a riff)?

I’ll get the ball rolling. When I was in high school, the closest to file sharing that I could get was FTP sites. One site in particular has a treasure trove of audio files (WAV files at the time). I stayed after school one day to download a bunch of the files because the dial-up at my house was terrible.

Fast forward 1-2 weeks. I get called into the office of our high school’s equivalent of an IT Director. I get there and the vice-principal is there as well. I get sat down and asked if I am aware of the school policy regarding “inappropriate content” on the computers. I saw that I am and he immediately pulls out a print out of my internet activity including a file titled “bra.wav”. It is an audio clip from Rocketship X-M (“However, I must make something clear.” “I am wearing a bra.”). He tells me that my punishment is going to be a week suspension and no more access to campus computers. I started laughing so hard that I was crying, I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Are you familiar with file extensions?” (most school computer admins were not at that point because they had been transitioning from Macs to PCs). I then explained to him how file extensions work and concluded by saying, “If you genuinely believe that I am deriving some kind of sexual satisfaction from an audio file then go ahead and suspend me.” It was at that point that the vice principal kicked him out of his own office to apologize to me and tell me that they would speak to him and tell him he was not allowed to confront me again without presenting the full case to the principal. It was amazing. I still laugh when I think about it.


Seeing the first MST3K Live.

After years of resigning to the fact that there’ll probably never be anymore MST3K, and then having more and it’s in person and Joel is right there

To cap the evening, there was a dude on the bus ride home devouring an old, haggard copy of Ninja: Warrior Path to Togakure while letting a Razor scooter take a little nap on his lap.


Oooo… The last “date night” my wife & I had before COVID lockdowns was to go see MST3K Live. Such an amazing night!


The whole of the ConventioCon 2 Electric Boogaloo. Hands down the best convention I have ever been to.


I lost my virginity during Turkey Day '93. Does that count?


Dang straight it does!


Bringing my Dad and sister to watch the show on my VHS tapes during Canadian Thanksgiving during a break time.


I lost my virginity during Turkey Day '93.

I will not go into details.


My first day at Walt Disney World, I was given a quick tour of Hollywood Studios by my coworker. As we went past Sci-Fi Drive-In, I mentioned that I enjoyed old movies and she snuck us in to see the layout of the place. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die was playing on the screen and my mind went a little BOOM, as it was one of the only episodes of MST3K I had seen, at that point.

So that’s always the first thing I think of, when I think of MST3K… (and, one of these days, I’ll actually get a chance to eat at Sci-Fi Drive-In)


Probably a tie between wartching my first ep, meeting Joel, first live show, and a current project.


Seeing The Movie in a theater when it came out. The experience of seeing MST3K with a large group for the first time (for me) was tremendous.


Getting to see MST3K Live and meeting Joel (! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !) would rank up high on the list.

Discovering my first episode would count, too, because my only exposure to the show (outside of some ads for a Comedy Central channel that we didn’t get and wouldn’t get until well after the show ended its run there) was a video game magazine write-up. I came in after a long day of sledding and found the show by accident on MTV while channel surfing. They were doing some kind of Comedy Weekend promotion or something, and I was FREAKING OUT that that show with the shadows and the bad movies was on! Watching Alien from L.A., I never laughed so hard.

And then, especially, there was watching episodes with a really good friend.


It’s SO hard to pick a favorite, so I’ll pick two.

First, seeing Joel et al promoting Cinematic Titanic way back in the day at Dragon Con. The first night, they screened Wasp Woman (and just as the lights came down, Frank slayed us with “And remember! No talking during the film!”). Later Bill and Trace held a panel called “Crow vs Crow” where they compared experiences. Absolutely delightful.

Second, they read my Turkey Day memory on the air last year, and let me tell you I CRIED when Crow said it was beautiful.


Getting the chance to meet the Sci-Fi era cast at a convention outside of St. Louis back in 2000! They were all so friendly and kind to a very nervous, star-struck me and were all happy to sign my ACEG! :smiley:

Going to the Time Bubble Tour was another great memory!


Can I also just add, I remain inordinately proud of a riff so awful I got hissed by a roomful of fellow MSTies at the ConventioCon, while watching SciFi waiting for our turns in the autograph room? :smiley:


I’m dying to know what it was!

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I went on a tour of the Best Brains studio before the Sci-Fi era ended. I only regret I did not stow away to inspect everything at my leisure.


They were showing Kolchak: the Night Stalker (a favorite of mine since it first ran, and only goes to show that almost anything is riffable in the right frame of mind), and he’s rummaging around a drainage system looking for that episode’s monster… and I piped up with “If he dies down there, will they rule it a sewer-cide?”

I love a good pun… and I love a bad one even more. :smiley:


You piped up with a drainage system joke?