What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 2 (Part 1)

Like Frank!


Thanks for the reminders of how awful health insurance is. :dizzy_face:

How about some more minor griping? We went for a little outing today and stopped for lunch in a famously haunted pub. The food was pretty good, but just before it came out there was some unpleasantness. Spoilering for grossness.

A middle-aged couple was sitting at a table near us. I heard a sound and looked over to see the guy had vomited a little onto the floor and into his pint glass (thankfully mostly liquid). He kept sitting there and I heard another sound. Then they just get up and go, leaving the mess on the floor and the now full pint glass sitting on the table. Even worse, a guy and his little kids were eating at the other end of that table. Fortunately the bar maid appeared soon after and cleaned it up when he complained about it.


Sounds too much like work.

Remember the days when it was just junk mail or an unwanted message on your machine. If you didn’t want them, you just threw them away or hit erase. :wink:

I’ve noticed that as Mastodon has increased in size/participation, there are more and more of what I call the collectables school of joiners. They want to be my follower but when I approve them, it rarely follows that there’s any interaction. Not even an occasional like.

I want to be gracious, but I’m giving serious thought to just whacking away everyone who hasn’t interacted in so long that I can’t remember when/if they (ever) did. I’d rather just concentrate on the ten or so people who I do talk to on a semi-regular basis. I don’t like feeling like I’m a collectable. That’s why I avoided the Big Boxes in the first place.

Also, the relative newcomers who whine that leaving a like on a picture or whatever is somehow bad and wrong: only boosts really count? Those people can all go fry their hats. Imagine getting a small gift of a cookie or something from someone you just met, and whining to them that it’s not good enough: why aren’t they giving you a diamond? Feh.

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I like to think I’m either occupying a bot or making work for some poor sap at FB.

“This freak is somehow both turned on and offended by Tru-Green Chemlawn.”


The ghosts in that pub fight DIRTY. I’m kind of impressed.


Thank God… my doctor came through.

Now I just need to see if it’s remotely possible to bring the appointment forward a few days.


As a person that works in healthcare United HealthCare is just the worst. If you need help fighting them, please hit me up. I was able to get more PT sessions authorized when I tried to cut my hand off, and they said that 6 was the max for the year. =(

(Edit: Oh good! I’m glad the doc hustled and got the info in for the prior auth!)


From the reaction at my doctor’s office, they are used to this sort of game-playing and know how to counter it. Someone else told me that insurance companies just deny the initial request as a matter of course just to see who is really serious about getting the treatment. I’m not sure if I’m that cynical, but I do wonder.

From what I’ve been told Blue Cross/Blue Shield is just the pits. So many hoops to jump through for the prior authorisation. And even then they will deny more often that not.


Depends if it’s PPO or HMO. PPO usually doesn’t require an auth…HMO? EVERYTHING requires an auth. If you have a good primary, you’re pretty set…but otherwise…yeah it can suck Royalé.


This is not far from the truth. 30% of our claims are just denied to see if we really want to get paid for that visit or not. :woman_shrugging:


[snark] Boy thank Dog that Gummint isn’t handling my care. Look at this oh-so-efficient private sector and how well it manages our time and lets us concentrate on actually recovering from whatever made us sick and/or injured in the first place. [/snark]

UHC, even by the usual standards of private insurance, is so incredibly stump-grinder-worthy that I can’t even— [throws up hands and goes for a walk]


Oh, I could gripe for days and days about insurance. :woman_shrugging:


I also have UHC. My bill from Mayo is $120. How did this happen?


I think a lot of that was the gastroenterologist, that took your case (initially) and then went on extended some long-ish vacay…and when that was brought to the attention of the hospital higher-ups, they probably removed a lot of charges due to the inconvenience. Hospitals have a little more levity in altering their charges…less so in private practice.


How do you know exactly what it is already? I don’t get EOBs or bills until about a month later. Is that just your copay?


That’s what they called a bill that they sent me on their portal.

That was for 1 of 2 visits they are charging me for.

The round numbers concern me. I’m guessing that’s just copay since even lowly clinics want something up front. I’m hoping that I’m wrong, though, and @Armetus is right.


I can’t worry about it, it was necessary.


Firesafes for paperwork…

I made a special trip to the “closest” office despot to pick up a file folder fire safe.

Hurt my back carrying the retail box (no handholds) to the car. Hurt it worse hoisting it out of the car and carrying it upstairs.

Go to fill it up with files and lock it… the security key tumbler is stuck in between locked and unlocked. Can’t insert the key fully to get it to turn.

Of course I already shredded up the box so it would fit in the recycling bin for pickup bright and early tomorrow.

Tried calling customer support… closed until tomorrow.

If my back didn’t hurt so much, I’d throw this boat anchor into the nearest body of water …



I hate movies or TV shows that have the vibrating phone sound. Drives me crazy!