What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 2

Uh, training instructions. I’m working on documenting a system now that’s relied on “we know what we’re doing” (Narrator: No, they don’t.) and a handful of written documents. Most of those are of the “now push this button” variety, so they’re almost all inaccurate now and naturally people don’t know what “this button” actually does and how to adjust.

Reminds me of back in my IT days, when management kept up an escalating series of requests. “We want a popup box telling people thing X.” “People are ignoring the popup box. Can you make them stop and acknowledge it?” “They’re still ignoring the popup box. Can you add a second popup asking if they’ve really, really read it?” “They’re still being stupid! Can you make the computer think for them?”

Ditto. At this point I’m more likely to give up if all I see are training videos. Especially if it’s some random toober. 5 minutes of intro crap, then some random gibbering, then a good chance of some faffing around pointlessly while they try to remember what they’re doing, and even then there’s a significant possibility what they’ve told you is either missing steps/setup, isn’t the best way, or is flat out wrong. Like, share, and subscribe! :nauseated_face:


Ha HAAA! My boss recently returned from our quarterly Registered Developer Program conference where she was told by integrators that our API documentation was “best in class” because it conveys actual product knowledge as necessary for successful integration without being a textbook. This indicates that 1: they actually read the stuff and 2: DAV should get a raise.

I should add that boss is The New Boss, who was almost entirely unaware of the program, the docs, and the money it all makes when she took the Director of Product job, WHICH PAYS A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN DAV GETS HINT MFIN HINT.


Poor DAV

Its just fun to say

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I’ve got a mortgage, an ex, a giant hungry puppy, and a kid in college. Poor DAV is just DAV.


Still working on that left hand because it is a slow, slow thanksgiving halfweek at work


My grandfather broke his right arm as a kid because he was jumping on the bed and flew off, so he learned to write left-handed and became fully ambidextrous. He could do anything with either hand with the same skill. It helped him a lot when he was drawing because he liked using fountain pens and he would avoid smearing the ink.


[reads the lab results from my checkup of last Friday]

Time to serenade my kidneys with the Failure Song from The Day The Earth Froze. Sugar’s still too high, too. Even though I feel pretty good the labs are always ready to squelch my happiness.

On the plus side, I don’t need another colonoscopy until 2025. So there’s that.


That’s really talented!

I started doing it out of boredom and because I had questions that google didn’t seem to want to easily answer; can you just become ambidextrous with practice?

A measured assumption would be yes; specifically because of left-handers, Ash from Evil Dead, stroke victims, etc

But the kneejerk surface results on google were emphatically ‘no’ with a vague undertone that schizophrenia would result for whoever tried.

So I tried.


That sounds bad and uncomfortable


Well, I’m not on dialysis… yet. Though I was diagnosed with PKD way back in 2001. Seems like it’s inching ever-closer, though. And I am not enthused. :confused:


The biggest hugs to you, that stuff isn’t fun at all and is scary af. Super hugs


Just for fun, I tried to see what writing with my right hand looks like (I’m a lefty). This was very slow and kind of painful, but doesn’t look too horrible. It took me a couple minutes at the start just to figure out how to hold the pen. Then again, my mom has often said they had to force me to pick a hand when I was little because I would just use whatever hand was closest.


My Dad was a lefty who was forced into ambidexterity because his teachers hit lefties with sticks. YARLY.


It was so much worse for me, the act of pressing a pen to paper felt alien and my fingers flat out would not write an ‘O’. I swear I had flashbacks to preschool and kindergarten when I started trying to develop a handwriting. I could SMELL the stale milk.


Yeah, i have known of a bunch of lefties from my parent’s generation that were forced to become righties.


They tried that with my Dad when he was young and according to family legend, my Grandma went down to P.S. Local Whatever and bawled out the principal for an hour. After that, he was mostly left alone though he could still do a credible job with either hand. I can’t remember if his big Sis was also a Lefty, and alas they’re all departed now so it’s too late to ask.


The privileged life of us natural righties, i never knew


You jerks never get ink on the side of your hand and can use a scissors and a can opener properly. I hate you.


I got my revenge writing in Hebrew class and watching all the Righties struggle like I had to everywhere else. :grin:


Made it to 5th grade at Bet Sefer heritage school and I only know ‘Shalom’ and that I will eat all the latkes everwhere so you’ve got me beat