What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 2

Ugh, I’m sorry :frowning:


Same boat


I look at the political arena as a dystopian hellscape where morality and thoughtful debate go to publicly die a vulgar death.

But pointing it out is now like clicking CTRL ALT Delete on our simulation because all the peoples aggro on me when I do


I put up with a lot of silly and even offensive things people say to me when it comes to political discussion, but telling me to put other people’s welfare over my own child? That’s enough to lead me to gripe.


Honestly I’m at ‘I’ll plan to be Boba Fett and society can really show me up by staying together for 40 more years instead of disintegration like I’m seeing’ stage of political discourse <_<


Just turn up The Clash. It’s ok if it’s not ok.


When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?

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It’s all part of the whole “your reality is less valid than my fiction” thing plaguing our society. It’s not as bad as yours, but I get so sick of people telling me, an immigrant, all sorts of bullcrap about immigration. I can’t possibly know more about it than someone who’s never had to do it.

Frustrated Miss Piggy GIF


That brings up another discussion I had today, it didn’t annoy me, I found it funny- a guy who was apparently British was trying to lecture me about the state of the U.S. economy.

Like, dude, I live here. I think I know a little bit more about the U.S. economy than you do.


I’ve no reason to doubt that you do, but I’ve met some ignant mcnuggets out there, he probably knows more than they do. You know, bout illegals taking their precious fluids and whutnut.


“Guns” feels hippity hoppish to me, from before that was a thing. Weird.

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Fair enough, but in this case, this was someone who made a false claim, was shown to be false by multiple Americans with supporting links, and then just kept acting like they knew more than we did.

The best part was they posted a link that actually showed they were wrong (they didn’t read to the end) and they just pretended they had never linked to it.

Oh well, I get my entertainment where I can.

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I have days where I just want to fall down and start handing out stick whuppins, but it’s frowned upon, and also tiring, so I do something else until I feel better.


There’s this Cowtown puppet show where they bag on cheesy movies - that usually cheers me up.


Just type “Brexit” and leave the room as monocles pop out

How have I never heard of this show? :thinking:


I have spent over two hours total in the last week either on hold or taking to actual human people (nice ones, at whom I didn’t raise my voice because it’s not their fault) in order to get a prescription filled because of backorders and overrides needed for the privilege of paying over $1k for a 90-day supply.

I’d scream into the void, but my 6th full day of covid is still kicking me down, and I just can’t be bothered to get back up.

We’re fortunate that this isn’t a big deal financially (just smarts initially because of the high deductible).


Ugh, just the sort of thing you have the energy for when you’re sick. :roll_eyes:


It’s called Проект “попкорна.”


All right.

Enough with the fricking telephone calls, bunch of jabronis!

Yeah, I get it, it’s some kind of psy-ops salesman Psych 101 technique. Like a serial killer or something.

Srsly! Dude! I asked your online music store if you could cut me a deal for a little half-moon Leslie switch if I bought your two and a half large organ. Don’t need to call me! Great. Now I get the joy of calling into voicemail and hitting “7” to delete the message without hearing it. Donkeyholes.

It’s decided. Also confirmed by bullshite linkedin-type headhunters who somehow cannot manage to use anything else than what I imagine is some dumbdonkey earpiece.