What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 2

Well, it’s not every day one clicks on a link to the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve taught first-year undergraduates, so, trust me on this.

Vote “most likely to have been written by a computer”? Yes.

Also, that thing is so wrong.

/// Although I was motoring along to my bank yesterday afternoon (yes, for the ATM) and noticed there was a gun shop in a tiny little strip mall I hadn’t noticed before. I do not think I will be stopping there, for it looked somewhat unsavory. That displeased me.

Also, perhaps delight or gripe, their highway-facing “sign” said “Gun Shop” whereas the actual store had a sign that included a business name. What clientele are they going for? Keep in mind, this is my neighborhood, so no shade, but ridiculous!

Actually, gripe against myself, I’ll probably stop by one of these years and see what their deal is.

Big whooperz, so have I. I just wasn’t paid.

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Well, you forced my hand on this.

Have you ever been paid to “teach” (or train, or whatever they call it) “pupils” who couldn’t even get into a college if they tried?

Boom! Pwned!

Just kidding, I value my fellow employees very much so and they are prepared to succeed in this environment, why just look at what little Jimmy is doing and he joined the company and now he is making dreams happen with the fourteen or whatever leadership principles which are all good which are all good which are all good leadership principles all good.

I’ve read enough freshman ag & tech essays to understand that I’m probably not in much danger of getting aged out of my tippy-typing job, some brain bending stuff there, wow.

I would say the kids are very much not all right.


Yeah, maybe, for like five years or something the kids were OK or whatever. That was a long time ago.

Definitely not all right. They should go get off the bus or their gaming chairs or whatever they do.

/* All right, just because I recalled it just now I’ll “gripe” about it even though I don’t care. This effing moron whom I onboarded a few months ago not only was stupid enough to get himself fired for not showing up to work, but appealed his firing because he was “busy” doing volunteer work (of whatever kind I cannot imagine) as well as studying at a nearby community college.

Like, dude? Give it up! Go do your thing or whatever, but that is a real tsuris to pretend to be a rational human being and then reveal your true nature as a ghoul or a goblin or whatever.

Which, I get, you know. I guess new hires get about eighteen or twenty an hour to do jack shtuff except pound rocks, not sure of the pay scale, but to be indignant about being fired from a “job” where the only requirement is to show up and pretend to work? */

Welp, I think it’s about to get worse, there’s a bunch of wee ones coming up now that understand nothing but swiping for gratification. Their attention spans are nonexistent.

No, I don’t have no dog, nor any feral children that I know of!

SOB! Ess! This “chair” “broke” its otherwise pretty firm backrest in three or four years or so?


Why’d that chair keep running into a wall? I dunno!

Don’t like it.

Did I also mention yet that my boss is so stupid he probably gets my company a sizeable tax credit by allowing him to live? Maybe. But it’s true. I’m no Doogie Howser, but I give him a +100 handicap at any game, any time. Perhaps he could get lucky at playing golf by hand with a pair of rolled-up socks. Once.

I just went to the worst store I have ever been to in my entire life. It was called Discount Bins. It’s been open for a good month and a half. The place was a wreck. They apologized for the mess. They’ve had plenty of time to clean it up.

The assortment was the most random assortment of crap I have ever seen. Worse than a bad garage sale. Things like a sink without a faucet or a toilet tank lid. There was a pile of cheap tripods for camcorders. One thing they were selling was a single roller skate.

And while we were in there, the owner watched us like a hawk the entire time as if we were going to steal from them and as we were leaving, he asked us if we were going to buy anything.


A lot of stores like that don’t actually pick their inventory. They haves deals with other retailers and/or distributors and just get their castoffs. As I understand it, they get crates/pallets/whatever that they pay for sight unseen, so they have to try to sell that toilet tank lid or they are out the cost of purchase. There is no way for them to return unwanted merchandise if it doesn’t sell.


I’ve been to stores like that.

This wasn’t one of them.

I think they just bought random pallets at auctions and stuck them in the store.


Speaking as someone who was fixing a toilet when the lid fell off the counter and broke, finding somewhere that just sold a tank lid would be handy. With that said, if you can’t be bothered to have a clean store, I can’t be bothered to enter. And if you treat me as a potential thief and not a potential customer that’s another lost sale.


I would think most hardware stores would have such a thing. It was certainly not the first place I would think of to go if I needed a toilet tank lid.

They didn’t at the time. You could buy a whole new toilet, but not a tank lid.


Time to build more robots, I guess.

I’ll always fondly recall the time I wandered into a Goodwill (just killing time to get away from the rain as I had long since stopped buying anything from them) and saw a cracked, used wooden spoon for six bucks. lol munch my shorts, Goody.

Oh, and I’ve given up on what used to be our favorite not-Goodwill because they suddenly got it into their heads that they could get rid of their fitting rooms, and you’d be happy to try on the clothes at home and make a special trip back (within one week) to return stuff that didn’t fit.

Their checkout staff got really rude, too. Pppphhhhttt. Now I need to find another Not-Goodwill.


Valentine’s Day shopping is done. The prices of a dozen roses are RI-DAMN-DICULOUS this year!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Local flower shop wants almost $60.00 for a Dozen Red Roses with Tax! I went with a 1/2 dozen for over $30.00 with Tax… Along with a card, a box of chocolates and one of those Squishmallow thingys, all and all I think I kept it under $100.00 total.
I owe the IRS almost $1600.00 this year so sacrifices had to be made :confounded:


I could have saved ya another hundred bucks.

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You know, the ebay-for-musical-instruments “Reverb,” you know what it should be called?


Oh yeah, snap!

Went and signed our taxes and paid $440.00 to the CPA so they can e-file everything by February 21 :confounded:
Then came home to sign up through ID dot ME to eventually pay my $1589.00 debt to the IRS. While signing up, the site required a picture ID; either a U.S. Passport or a State ID/Drivers License. I chose the Passport option but after multiple photos and uploads, it wouldn’t accept my passport… :man_shrugging: Gave up on that option and tried my SC Driver’s License (front and back) and it was accepted first try.
Maybe because my Passport expires next year and I just renewed my SC License last year… I dunno, but going through this hassle just to pay my IRS debt still p!sses me off :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Not feelin’ the romance this morning. Bad night’s sleep. Coulda’ just never gone to bed and I’d probably feel exactly the same. :confused:


As a follow up; the Harvard Crimson wrote an article on it today and it’s unclear if the goon will remain employed