What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 2





Back in 2012, a friend’s overly narrow fence at the end of their driveway ripped the housing of my passenger side mirror off. We used zebra duct tape to hold it together until we could get it repaired.

Then we sent the broken/removed mirror back to those friends. Stupid Toledo fences.


Well I had a wonderful end to my day. Another forum has asked me to give health updates, so I have been.

Today, I gave the latest and a guy told me that I was whiny, that my expensive (total bill from Mayo: $120) doctors just told me what I want to hear, that I had an emotional problem and that I should just start eating pureed bananas and I would be fine.

In the most angry and aggressive way possible.

So now I’m really regretting being on the internet at all.


Good thing this forum isn’t the internet! It’s the other, better thing!


It’s okay to be whiny when you’re sick, IMHO.

Can you just block or mute that twit, or is everyone on that forum the same?


Apparently my credit union “automatically” sends replacement cards before their expiry.

I should really look more closely at my mail. Am sure it’s in a pile somewhere around here. I sort of like to use that debit account to, you know, pay bills and stuff. Almost got in the habit of using it such like.

AND I was forced to give the bird to some maniac who didn’t feel like respecting the 15 mph speed limit around my place.

With any luck, maybe one of my car windows will be smashed in the morning! A man can dream!

Good thinking. Ride up there, way up there cowboy curtis. You don’t think I know how to downshift? Maybe five mph is better speed for you! Cause you ain’t going any faster, bucko, not with me in front of you. Maybe even slower! Good luck with that. A-hole POS mf.

Reminds me of a great bumper sticker one of our flex drivers had on her car…something like, “Go ahead and tailgate. This is a stick shift.” It was like that, but, you know, clever and stuff.

Oh yeah…I “accidentally” broke the driver’s sideview mirror of my last car. Tried a bunch of epoxies and all that. Gorilla tape fixed it right up. Held for years. The wiring was intact, though, so it even moved with the little electrical button thingy!

Same with the severely smashed driver’s side rear panel…meh, it was fine! Couldn’t imagine how that “accident” happened…it was probably…other kids.

But hey! You shoulda seen the other guy’s car, or that streetsign, or…well…I can’t describe every last detail of things that “happened” to that car!


You served your country, yes.

But have you served Home Depot?

Did you use their equipment to cut your own romex or plywood? Or were you served! Ask not what Home Depot can do for you!

Yeah, think about it!

(Disclaimer, I worked at a Home Depot for like six months quite a long time ago in the electrical department…got fired…for some damned reason!)

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Oh hey look!


Hmm…I’m getting to enjoy the company of this new coworker more and more. Indeed, even respect.

Her opinion of “chit-chat” is appareny non stop complaining about her “springtime” allergies (never in the fall of the winter…trust me, there’ll be a quiz later on), what perfectly pedestrian medications she takes. Flonase! Sudafed! And one 12-hour pill and one 6-hour one!

Nope. Not annoying at all.

Oh, and this charming creature simple must have a break at a very specific hour…no, she doesn’t eat or anything, she just sits in the breakroom and apparently does her pills.

But she had a great story about her sinuses and how they are, except when a doctor tapped the ub-ocular cheekbone and she had to pull the physician’s hand away and inform the physician that it hurt.

This is a super addition to our small team of crack commandos.

Did I mention yet that she is lazy, weak, and unpleasant?

She also parks 200 meters or so from the front door. I park twenty feet from the door. What a fascinating creature.

I will be delighted to continue enjoying her presence.

I find this deeply disturbing. With so many barely literate people out there already, this seems like a Bad Idea. And I totally, definitely can’t see any shady people trying to influence the AI to give what it writes a certain bias.


Yeah, but think on how many new Randall Monroe cartoons people can have.


I don’t know what you guys are worried about. It works just fine.

(Due to the sentiment in the picture, I do not post anything other than personally life-altering events. So I won’t be using this tool anyway. Neener.)


I’m surprised you have to give it a prompt. I expected it to just make up the post for you based on all the personal info they hoover up.


I see the “longer” and “shorter” buttons. Where’s the button for “don’t be an a-hole?”

I’m just kidding, that would break their business model.


Since I pretty much have to rely on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and relatives (including my jerk brother, but I don’t want to lose touch with him entirely), I have worked very hard to curate things so I only see the posts from the people I care about and I’m on a very small number of groups- a group for family, a group for friends I had when I was a teenager and other people who hung out where we did, a couple of groups for cartoonists and the MST3K group. No drama in any of them.

I also avoid all political discussion. I have no problem with political discussion in general, but I really don’t want to get in an argument with anyone on Facebook.

I also make sure to tell it that any ad I see that I find even slightly unpleasant to not show me that ad again.

It works out relatively well.


Every so often I report every single ad as “sexually inappropriate.” Not sorry, Folger’s.

I friended only people that I actually know, and then proceeded to toss out anyone who somehow failed to entertain me, including some family members. I invite everyone to do the same. Eff em, this space is curated for my entertainment, dance for me or you’re gone.


Tired Bored To Death GIF

^me right now.

I am at work. I got about three and a half hours of sleep last night. I am tired.

Woke up at midnight to use the bathroom, then when I went back to bed my back and hip decided to make it impossible for me to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep. I wasn’t in excruciating pain, but it was bad enough that I couldn’t get comfortable and relaxed enough to fall back asleep. By the time I bit the bullet and took some Tylenol, I was at the point that when it would’ve kicked in I would’ve gotten maybe a half hour of sleep before my alarm hit, so I just got up.

I’mma be over here trying to stay awake…


As long as he’s mocking AI and not using it!

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And now this… I HATE MY INSURANCE.

As I mentioned, I’m trying to get some MRIs done of my lower back and hip to try to determine how bad the degeneration has gotten. Turns out, my insurance has yet to approve them and they are now asking for more information to run through (like prior diagnostic imaging done, what sort of care I’ve been doing for the management of symptoms, etc), which I asked my doctor to provide to them. The due date is tomorrow. He has not provided the information yet. He is off today AND tomorrow. I had to ask his front desk staffer to please text him and provide him with a phone number to the Prior Authorization Team at UnitedHealthcare so he can call them directly to explain the situation and HOPEFULLY expedite the approval. If this does not happen… well let’s just say I’m planning to hit up an urgent care clinic tomorrow after work if I’m still in pain and my doctor hasn’t talked to my insurance (heck, I may do that regardless; I am very tired of being in pain) to see if there’s anything that can be done there.

I am tired, I am frustrated, I am in pain (have I mentioned that yet?) and I just want this to be DONE.


United Healthcare.

Yep, the same thing happened to me before I had surgery in February. A week before the surgery date, I get a letter on a Friday telling me they weren’t going to approve the surgery as it “wasn’t medically necessary”. Grrr. Yes, I like to have major surgery recreationally. :roll_eyes:

After a weekend of wondering if this whole thing was now going to get called off, I call my doctor (who never received any of this mind) the following Monday and they had it straightened out in time for the surgery to go ahead as planned. Here’s hoping your doctor’s office gets things sorted, too.