What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 3

Giving your dogs Trifexis ensures they won’t be bitten by ticks.

It, however, does not ensure that the ticks won’t crawl into their fur and stay there for days, waiting to find something else to latch on to.

Third one now.


I typically agree but with some of my older customers, it’s faster/easier to do that than any alternative to get me what I need to be informed about what the heck is going on.


I don’t remember if I mentioned what surgery I was having, but essentially the cartilage in my nose was really weak making it hard to breathe for the last, oh, thirty years. So the surgeon kind of rebuilt the whole thing using cartilage from my ribcage. So I have LOTS of grafts and stitches and things up there at the moment.

The good news is, I got the stents out today which is SO much better. The bad news is, not two hours later my big giant dumb stupid dog hit me in the face with his big dumb stupid giant head.



Sp apparently there is this thing called 2:45 am.

I’ve only heard rumors of the existence of a 2:45 am, but since that’s when have to be up to take my mother to the airport tomorrow, I will report back on whether or not it really exists.


It is my sad duty to inform you that it does, in fact, exist.


Meh. I just went on lunch break a while ago at work…and radio’d in that I’d be not coming back today.

It is just too much, man.

That a-hole Vince slamming bags around, making a bunch of noise…just freaking do your job! Or quit if you don’t like it here! Bad attitude, man. You wanna be the honcho, the foreman, take care of things, make decisions? Well, good way to start IMHO is by just doing same stuff we all do. I’ve been at the Company six years…you been at The Company no years. How do I know? Because I’m the one who trained you, fool!

I get that the grunt work is not for everyone, but it’s a smile sandwich, and we all gotta take a bite. This is a fifty-seven year old man, by the way. Going on like eight or something.

That dude’s gotta take a long walk off a short pier. Unbelievable.

So I took the mature way out and radio’d in, “Smell you later, suckers, I got to go home and do some paperwork. Unexpected developments.” :innocent:

0245 does indeed exist, and how did you reach adulthood without ever staying up all night?


Oh it’s a completely different time if you come at it from THAT direction.


Huh. So apparently I no longer have a toenail on one of my pinky toes.

Odd. Didn’t really hurt clipping off the jagged, gnarled remnant after I stubbed it (for probably the millionth time)…

But this might limit my mobility come tomorrow.

Not exactly a gripe…I hope it never grows back, because toenails are a hassle and should be replaced with metal inlays, IMHO.

But, no, it does not exactly make me happy to have yet more trauma about the foot-ish area.

At least it isn’t that damned plantar fasciitis (again)!

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Are you sure? I thought it was like Wyoming.


Bad news… I have been to Wyoming as well.


Do not. I repeat: DO NOT! try to do a floating floor on your own.

What a f***ing PITA!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I can now report that yes, there is a 2:45am. 2:45am is nice from a driving perspective. The only place I ran into traffic was the road leading to the airport (anyone who has tried to get to DIA will know what I mean).

2:45am is not nice from a getting enough sleep perspective, however. Let’s just say I’m functioning and leave it at that. :smiley:


Got some rough news today.

My father has been on supplemental oxygen for several years now. He had a crisis and was diagnosed with ashthma. Last week he had another crisis, and they discovered he did not have ashthma but emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis.

He has been in the hospital for the past week as they try to get his oxygen saturation levels up… he is at the point where he’s at normal levels while lying in bed. When he tries to stand up, though, they fall into the 70s.

So, he’s not coming home. It’s palliative care at this point.

He’s 86 and has had a lot of physical problems, but… this is a lot.


Why does insurance and the optical store want to ding me so hard for a second set of JUST the prescription lenses?! They can use my old frames and those can be my backup. WHY does not-even-two full sets of glasses (but just two sets of lenses and one new set of frames) end up in the $400 range! That’s 1/2 to 2/3rds of what I make every two weeks, you greedy disgusting swine!! :rage:

They won’t let me pay in stages, either. Though I’d be having the work done in stages for obvious reasons. Can’t just leave the current pair while the first new pair gets made.

I know you can do all some of this online now for less, but I balk at buying a pair of frames that I can’t try on in person first.

[roars and smashes everything]


I’m really sorry to hear it. There’s no good age to lose a loved one :purple_heart:


It’s never easy. Grief is a very personal journey, do what you can to take care of yourself.


Unfortunately…that looks like my near future project. Gotta ask, what happened? Hoping to go with a similar laminate floor but waterproofed for kitchen use.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve installed floating laminate flooring in three rooms and it was one of the less horrible DIY projects I’ve done. One was a bamboo plank and two were literally the cheapest thing they had at Home Depot – I believe those were 39 cents per square foot.

And lest anyone think I’m trying to outshine Artemus here, I was once reduced to literal tears trying to install a bathroom faucet. So there’s that.


It’s waterproof vinyl planks… same thing. PITA! I’m thinking 2 people might be necessary, which sticks in my craw, as I am a I-can-f***ing-do-it-myself type girl!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: