What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 3

All haikus suck. The worst you can say is that DAV’s haiku sucked more than a normal haiku. Especially since it wasn’t a haiku.


Adrian Belew’s Sucky Haiku is a good band name.


It is if you watch the vacant lot

blinded by the light, racked up like a deuce, another roller in the night.

Did anyone get to see what I found out about fugitive Aliens cast members before it was taken off



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I’m heading to Idaho for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary (see the smiling thread), but I found out today that I could have left earlier. The only reason I’m leaving tomorrow is because I had agreed to give a presentation to a local group tomorrow. This was scheduled months ago. Well, I hadn’t heard anything from the group so I sent an email on Monday just checking in.

The person responded TODAY and apologized for forgetting to tell me that they had to cancel the meeting tomorrow and they don’t need me to come. This isn’t a huge deal since I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but I have no idea how long they’ve known that it was cancelled and would they have said anything to me at all if I hadn’t reached out?

PLUS! I could have already been on my way home by now!



Yeahhhh. I figured ya did lol

My own little Idaho.
Potato :potato:


So, in Vietnam they don’t speak English or use the Latin alphabet. Why would restaurants spell the soup “pho” if it’s pronounced “phuh”?

Of course, it’s the one soup that Earth could never defeat!


How large is that cat anyway? Like I’d lose my hand in the fur? Or one of those hairless wrinkly jobs like they got over at some places? Would I be touching that large cat?

Yes, you do have a way with words, C13.

NO!!! You wanna tell me what in the hell you’re talking about, or are you going to continue to be self-super-soaked in obscurantism?

That pu$$y cat is so big! Totally hairless! And purrs when you pet her.

Thank you. I do not get many compliments, so acknowledging my awesomeness feels good, man.

Ok. I hope I can tell you. So, basically Captain Joe had CHEEK IMPLANTS to look more “handsome” and “chipmunk-like”
Rocky (again) and Tammi were Japanese porno stars.

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Hmmm…I might be hesitant to engage cats that are too big. I might be engulfed and disappear for many days.

It’s true! You are the nonpareil namester and have great facility with the clever bits. Abbott, Costello, and C13!

What what? I never heard that. Haven’t seen the episode in forever, so I’ll be scrutinizing with the eye of a moleman!

OK!!! GRIPE!!! Not one to divert a good thread, I do have a medium gripe.

So, at The Company, we use RFID badges to enter doors and such (my particular place is not exactly high security, so I can just walk in through one of the open bay doors…Hal…

And also for time clocks.

So this temporary manager, who’s been covering the back half of the week for a bit, and whom I’ve known for a while…sharp dude. Is an Arch Linux superfan, and turned me on to this cool … thing … called Obsidian … sort of a … thing … not a database, but … never mind. Anyway, kind of a nerd, but we’ve bonded over distros and mutual love of the Arch User Repository and stuff.

I’ve been keeping my badge on a lanyard attached to this thing with a zipper pocket and a transparent front that ahem most people can use a scanner to just zap me if they need to labor track me for something like going into the linehaul yard or whatever.

But noooooo!!! mister computer fancy favors this one BT scanner that doesn’t penetrate the thin, clear plastic surrounding my badge. And, of course, it’s much easier and time efficient for me to unzip the badge holder, which exists to contain proofs of my company certifications and such as well as just the badge, remove it…

You know, computer man…you do know you can type my handle in at the keyboard? Or I can do it for you?

BUT so that’s the background for that. And what follows is really a gripe against myself. I was getting tired of wearing the lanyard, and thanks to Amazon’s Vine program, I have a bag of like fifty carabiners with retractable lines, and a little thing holder with a snap, plus a keychain-style loop, which is handy for my Yubikey and other stuff, like a tiny LED flashlight or whatever.

Eh…using a trusty hole punch at home…through the RFID badge…meh…it sort of…what’s the word…it fouls it up.

So now I gotta have the Learning Coordinator…yes, the one I sent a public internal text message saying essentially “You fools! You think I will spend an extra minute of my time training some imbeciles in this dead end job?”…but he’s a professional, and I’ve known him a long time.

To end on a happier note, I just internally PMed my manager and said I figured out the problem and I’ll take care of it with the man who masters the badge printing machine! So, that’s a good deed…she’s in sort of way over her head at this job.

I’ve been awake since 3:30 this morning thinking about work crap. :neutral_face:


Thats correct. Thank you for putting that out there, Jimmy_Blew_Art. I cant even begin to tell you how I became so hilarious, but if I had to come up with something, I suppose I would say it comes from a dark place deep down in my soul. Thats where I keep all my pain and disappointment. My anger and sadness. So instead of crying like a stupid baby I choose to try to make people laugh. I’m aware it doesn’t happen that often, but I truly believe it keeps me from slitting my wrists.
You can quote me on that.


I don’t think I’d be able to go out drinking with you ever, because most of the spewed fluids would end up all over the bar or on the floor, and that would be the end of it!

I’m glad you recognize your great abilities!

What is this, a hug fest? Get mad, woman! :rofl:

Sick. Yes its true. Everyone look it up cause I think they will take it down. I posted some of the titles of the movies they were in lol. I guess I was hoping no one would notice. But seriously the names of these Japanese Adult Films are hysterical.

@Dr_Phantom hey Doc if your board watch a Tammy movie like Pink Tush Girl.


I messed up. So Rocky (again) did not do adult films. I got the names mixed up and the photos looked the same. I said the photos.
But Tammy did some saucy movies

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Yo JJ2X, whats all this? Didnt we talk about this? Now go up to your room! Youre gonna eat a cold dinner tonight sir! And no phone or computer! If I catch you on your phone, Im gonna beat ya!
Drop crying, sissy before I give you something to cry about! Get upstairs and leave Mikey alone!
Now go to your room… and… you stay there

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in the parlance of our time!

/* edit…suppose to add a gripe…

three days…snap traps set up in strategic places…

not one stinking mouse body.

i feel cheated! */

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