What's YOUR Problem? A Thread for Griping Part 3

They’re ok if you bread and deep fry them.


Stop encouraging the animal kingdom.

Besides, I never deep fry food at home. Too messy.


Yeah but not on a salad. Nah.


“And when I said there was no canibalism in the fandom, I meant that there was some…”



Ok, step 1 done,…


Step 2 … :man_shrugging:
Step 3: Profit!


I like that it arrived in Augusta on June 29th before the nonsense started.


I think my TiVo is dying.

I’ve had to replace the hard drive once a few years ago, and I think it’s going again. :poop: :poop: :poop:

Edit to add - 3TB drive, $250. I replaced the drive in late 2020, so 3.5 years.

I’d order now, but I won’t be here this weekend, so… order Sunday night, I guess.


That’s just about the only piece of older tech I miss


I can’t stand to watch TV without it. To heck with the ads!


Ok, this bugs the heck out of me regarding people posting Synopsis information on IMDB.

A Synopsis is supposed to be pretty much a condensed summation of the overall story…yet some people feel they have to DESCRIBE THE ENTIRE MOVIE and turn the synopsis into a novel!

I see it a lot regarding The Dark Knight. Like some guy will go into great detail about the Joker’s ‘magic trick’ scene, or break down every part of his ‘how I got these scars’ story.

I had an issue like that myself when writing a synopsis for Back to the Future Part III. One guy claimed that the hanging scene almost killed Michael J Fox, and may have led to his Parkinson’s conditions.

I edited that out, and then there was a back-and-forth of him putting it back in and I taking it out.

At one point, we did talk, and he was like: “why are you editing that out?”

“Because,” I explained, “a synopsis is supposed to be about the story of the movie. What you are adding is not relevant to the film’s storyline.”

That seemed to do the trick, and he backed off.


Got stung by a wasp near the back door to my house.
The nest is under a little overhang on the entryway to the basement.
Sprayed it and knocked it to the ground with a long stick, half a dozen wasps were flying around it.

The 10 year old bottle of StingEze I have seemed to work to lessen the pain of the sting on the inside of my arm. I guess it’s time to buy a new bottle. Glad I still had it from my days of riding a horse through the woods of NJ.


Grocery shopping gripe.

Why the frak is everything I need always on the top fraking shelf???

Glass bottle of beet juice? Top shelf!

Shortbread cookies to make pie crust? Top shelf ( laying on side so it is almost invisible!)

Premade pesto for when I’m out of homemade and just want some now? Glass jars on the top shelf!

Heavy whipping cream? You betcha! Top shelf!!!

Whoolite detergents? Can you believe this? Top shelf!!!

Mom’s favorite tomato soup that isn’t my homemade soup? Lol, what do you think! Top shelf!!!

Liquid egg whites??? Oh baby! Top shelf!!!

Ok. I’m done.



Had this happen many times at the local neighborhood Walmart, so I go to the cleaning supplies, find a mop handle, and use it to get what I need from the top shelf :+1:
Sometimes i put it back but if an apathetic employee gives me crap about doing that, I’ll leave the mop handle where I’m at!
Thanks for nothing!!


If there’s a ladder within 50 feet of the item, I’ll grab it. Otherwise, I’m climbing up and planting a flag on top.


At this point if the thing’s not locked up like gems in a Tiffany’s display, or off in some ring-it-up-separately cul-de-sac (munch my shorts forever, Safeway) I count myself lucky. :confused:


I want to get a new TV. I could just drive across town and get one for a completely reasonable price, but the thing stopping me is how to get rid of my current TV. I could recycle it. The city recycling center is up the road and they take TVs (for a fee), but they don’t allow people who rent to use their services. Maybe I’ll put it by the dumpster on a nice day and it will walk away.


What the frak? Why does being a renter disqualify you from using city services related to personal property?



Check with the store where you’re buying. We just bought a new TV and the store is taking the old one for recycling.


If the TV works, could you donate it to a charity resale shop?