What's YOUR problem? A thread for griping.

Another Mike Rowe fan. :smiley:

Got a call from my boss this morning… another one of our co-workers has come down with Covid. (She’s asymptomatic, but her husand is sick.) That means another home test tomorrow morning (five days out from last close contact), and again putting off a visit to my parents.

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So far I’ve managed to dodge the 'rona, I feel for ya!

As far as gripes go I keep getting spam calls in Chinese. Not sure what to make of that… I miss the calls from abroad from “Microsoft” :rofl:

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That leaves only three people on my floor (including me) who haven’t had it yet.

In a way that makes it safer, since I’m less likely to catch it from the infectees now that they’re over it. Still, I foresee virtual meetings again next week.


But not the roni?


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No one can dodge that! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I did have a couple Coronas on Cinco de Mayo…

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Response to flagged post:

A word search of this whole thread reveals that Jimmy mentioned the word “Incel” once, and only to clarify that he wasn’t advocating that kind of behavior. It literally never comes up anywhere else in the thread. Until now, of course.

I mean, sure. If you don’t want to see someone overshare about their relationships, you can ask them to “spoiler” them or whatever. Or you can mute that person. Or you can take your case directly to a mod. But your classification of Jimmy’s posts here seems off, to me.

(And no. I wasn’t the one who flagged the posts in the first place.)


Does this forum have an option to ignore or block posters?

Yes it does:


Yes it does. You can put people on mute

I don’t bother because nobody here really gets under my skin but I can see why the feature exists


The Mute function is more precious than gold, and no site should be allowed to go online without it. (said the third or fourth mouthiest poster on this site. lol.)


Or Safety Last. One never knows.

I have an anti-gripe: there were no shrieking, illiterate, mentally defective coworkers who insulted me at work today.

There sometimes are, but not today.

However, this guy somewhat annoys me when he takes on one of the yard marshall roles. He is loud, strident, but somewhat competent. However, he doesn’t have my winning personality!

So that’s a gripe.

Hmmm. I could have sworn there was something else to complain about, but apparently not.

That would be nice.


My gripe today is that five days ago I finally had my teeth cleaned after 18 months (!!!), and a small break in the front tooth repaired. Nicely done, no long waits, no snafus. Thanks to the new insurance, I was only out about $20.

BUT, as the anesthesia wore off, one side of my nose started to hurt. It still does today. WTF is happening here? I’ve heard of tooth-pulls and root canals causing uncomfortable and even dangerous issues with sinuses. Which makes sense. But they went nowhere near my sinuses and that’s not what’s hurting. Feh.

I’ll have to call them this coming Monday, I guess.


The wife placed a pick up order online at our local Substation for 3pm…
I get here and they never saw the order so I gotta wait another 15minutes or so…
They had no problem taking our money right away :roll_eyes:


Just love it when a company makes their online purchase process such a torture that I literally can’t give them money.

Taschen Books is having a big sale, and I had $190 worth of books teed up to buy. First I tried to use the discount code they sent me the last time I made a purchase but it turned out to be out of stock. There was nowhere on the order page to enter the code.

So I emailed customer service to ask about it. No response. Apparently they don’t work on weekends even though their big sale is on the weekend. Eventually, on an obscure popup window that took me literally a day to find, there was fine print that you can’t use a discount code on sale items.

So I go to the purchase page and try to place my order. It still has my credit card with an old (expired) expiration date, and the only way to change it is to delete it and re-enter it as a new card. Then it says I need a security code to proceed, and do I want it by phone or email? I choose phone and… nothing. Apparently they send them by text, and I don’t use a smartphone.

So I do it again and ask for an email code. I get it, enter it, and… get an error page with a big red “X”.

That was when I decided I didn’t want these books badly enough to deal with any more of this.


That is insane. Why in the world would they make it so difficult? Usually, businesses make it ridiculously easy to spend as much money as possible.


Haven’t gotten to do much of anything to enjoy the nice weather round here lately. Always either working or taking care of chores inside or doing stuff for other people. And of course it’s hot so that makes doing all that stuff miserable…

I was painting all afternoon and evening in an apartment with no A/C yet and came home drenched in sweat, crabby, and SORE. And I slipped and fell on carpeted stairs last night. So just everything aches, I feel like a creaky old man.

People are dumb. Sure, don’t listen to me, the person who does this for a living, when I tell you that your stupid “discount card” from your doctor will not make your scripts cheaper if you already have insurance. It’s a much better use of our time for you to come in ten minutes before closing and ask us to rebill everything just so you can see that for yourself, holding up a line of people and making us close late. And stupid companies that promise “discounts” on prescription drugs, please make it more explicit that your service really only benefits people who don’t have drug coverage.

Also. I am exhausted and trying to pack for an upcoming family trip and my sisters keep having people over to the house?? I would just like ONE day to be chill, take things easy and get the stuff done that I need to before we leave, but no, instead we have to have a bunch of people over tomorrow for a game of Pathfinder!! I love our tabletop group but the game will last forever and they’ll want to sit inside and the house is a mess and I’m not in the frame of mind to deal with any of it.

:upside_down_face::upside_down_face: I guess I just need to shower and go to bed and maybe I’ll feel better in the morning


My gripe is about other peoples gripes!

“What if this thing I like, which I like just fine, is hard to understand for other people, just because it’s changed slightly???

Do I know anyone who has struggled to understand these changes? No.

Is there any logical reason why someone couldn’t figure out the logic behind it??? No.

Am I just pedantic and creating straw man arguments on the internet so I can complain about something changing that I wish never changed, except it has changed MULTIPLE times over its 30+ year existence??? I will say no, but the answer is yes.”

Why must every grievance be given a voice? And if you DONT ACTUALLY have a gripe to voice, why make one up? Is it to disguise your true reason to complain? Or are you just so bored you need to drum up agitation online to make yourself feel better???

Meh. Tomorrow is another day.

But still, online discourse is mostly just awful.


It is true, roughly. The story’s a lot messier as you might imagine.

Well, it all started when Tim Berners-Lee decided to invent HTML even though the problem he was trying to solve had been solved much better years earlier.

Computer Science, as Alan Kay says, is pop culture. So everybody thinks they should start from scratch solving problems.

No, and far simpler than C++. Lots of boilerplate, tho’, as a consequence of the static typing system. Kotlin is kind of Java’s sexy little sister that seeks to reduce the boilerplate.

The popular LISP today is Clojure, which sits on the Java machine and thereby has access to all of Java’s libraries. It’s extremely powerful and while a niche language, pays handsomely.

As someone who’s built Java desktop apps and then rebuilt them in Clojure, I can say the latter takes a fraction of the code, though it also has a fraction of the tooling.