Wheel of Time series on Prime

Anyone seen this one? I’ll admit I’m not sure about checking it out. I had mixed feelings when I originally read the books Back in the Day, and eventually gave up at about Crossroads of Twilight. Much of this was how, with the possible exceptions of Verin and Min, Jordan had trouble writing female characters who didn’t provoke the urge to administer a pimp slap (especially Nynaeve).


I didn’t make it through the first book. Thought it might come across better as a TV show, but didn’t make it through the first episode either.

I’m a huge fantasy fan, but this story just isn’t for me.

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I have not seen it, nor have I read the books, but the general feeling among my circle who have is that the less familiar you are with the books (and therefore perhaps more willing to accept the show as its own thing) the more you will enjoy the show.

Purely anecdotal, but I can see the logic.

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Seen it and have seen all available episodes. I have not read the books. Reserving judgement and I do find the show entertaining.

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