When do we think they will Announce a Season 14?

We are closing in on the six month mark since the Gizmoplex launch. Most of us have a year subscription from the kickstarter and this Season ends in December. Will there be a drive to encourage others to get another year (or other increment) suscription and how soon in advance will they need funding for Season 14? I dont think they will be doing another Kickstarter but Im suprised they are not encouraging people to start re-upping for another year already. Unlike other services the Gizmoplex is the funding for Season 14, so will it air later than March pending funding and writing/filming/editing?

I know, im kind of rambling. To Summarize when do we expect to hear about Season 14s production, how is the funding going and when would we expect to see the new season? Whats everyones predictions and thoughts?


Okay, ever’body, on three…




I’ll give more money be it a Kickstarter, another Gizmoplex subscription, etc.

I’ll keep paying up if they keep making more episodes!


I’m not swimming in money, but I’m ready to throw another $100 their way.


I’ll keep paying until the shark is officially jumped


Shark jumping is what I am here for!

I will pay more once the shark is officially jumped.


The last new episode airs in December, but there is programming planned through February of next year.

As for a season 14 announcement, I would think that would be something dropped during the Turkey Day Marathon. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


The gift of knowledge on the day our yearly festivity. I can see that as a definite possibility.


I fervently hope this year’s festivities will include a countdown with a “live” White Dot drop in Times Square! :smiley:


This is the question I have too. I like the idea that we’ll get the S14 news on turkey day (with a March 2023 premiere announcement).

I’m sure we’re all really hoping the Gizmoplex subscriptions allow for sustainment of new monthly episodes without a year of breaks in-between.


Just to get overanalytical: in July 2021, movies had been picked and 5 scripts had been written. So if we want a March launch for Season 14, we should be somewhat past that. Of course, that was starting from scratch. The fact that we now have a well-oiled riffing machine up and running might take some of the lead time off of that.

So are we there? We also don’t know that. It could be that they’ve been happily secretly writing Season 14 while we’ve been enjoying 13. If this season isn’t going to be kickstarted, they’re no longer under any obligation to show us how the sausage is made.

Could Season 14 come later than March? It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but my Gizmoplex subscription (and many others’) is up in February. I’m happy to sign up for more, but there’s going to need to be SOMETHING in March worth signing up for.


Exactly. If renewing still provides new content (not episodes persay) like the monthly selects, cast/crew interactions, revamps like the recent PumaMan one, them i’m likely in.

Overall even if it’s not a season 14 announcement, I just hope for clarity of what is in the works to come down before the last episode of Season 13 is in our eyeholes.


Sounds painful. :open_mouth:


How much would we each pay for a physical set?


I already kickstarted myself a physical Season 13. For Season 14, I’d go up to $80 as a standalone thing. (We MSTies have been conditioned to pay way too much for a season of TV, but it’s all worth it!) Bundle it with my next year’s subscription and I would be willing to go to $180. Maybe $200 if they sprinkle in some perks.


I have been getting the full season physical sets from KS as well, and they are worth every penny.

It may seem like we have been conditioned to pay too much for a season of TV, but each episode contains a full length (mostly) movie. Seems like $80 is a bargain if you look at it that way. That should be the low end for a bare bones set. I would definitely spend twice as much for a nice Collector’s Edition.



Given a comment by Leslie a few weeks ago, they may not have gotten yet to doing a lot of thinking about season 14 (and beyond). It was in one of the “how’s the business doing” threads where she said (paraphrasing) they have had some preliminary conversations about the future of the gizmoplex and future seasons, but had still been spending most of the time on getting S13 and the G-plex up and running.


We should make the status of future seasons of MST3K dependent on whether Jon Lovitz is still alive. But also I get these strange vibes about Jonah that he’s going to depart, but then years down the line inherit Joel’s role in the handling of the series

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2045, here we come!