Where are my football/soccer fans?? Euro 2020!

Okay, who’s hype for the Euro finals? I watch a lot of EPL, so I know the England squad a lot better, therefore I am rooting for them. I would love to see a Kane hat trick or something!


I mean, England can still England it up at a major tournament again.

That being said, they do have an exciting group of players right now.

Hah, England gonna England. That made me LOL. :joy: I had a hard time with the semifinal because I was rooting for both sides (and I’m not sure that penalty was fully justified, but eh), but I know little about Italy, so the Lions it is.

Basically, if England attacks forward the way we know they’re capable of, they’re clear favorites.

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slow clap

If we get going on VAR, we’ll have to start another thread! Hah!

Lol, I’ve gotten used to discord servers where there’s just one “Sports” channel so you get a lot of different topics intertwined.

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Don’t you let my HS soccer coach hear you say that.
His priorities went:

  1. USA
  2. England
  3. Anybody but Germany
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I’m over here just cheering my local boys… GO SOUNDERS!

sounders fc mls GIF by Seattle Sounders

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Nice, how are the Sounders doing this year? I tend not to pay that much attention to the MLS because I don’t want to pay the extra money for regional sports networks

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Once the Netherlands were out I switched to England. But I’m just hoping for a good game.

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England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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I’d love to have England bring it home. :muscle: :trophy: :soccer:

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Ack, I’m sitting here watching my local side getting thumped away from home. I’m hoping tomorrow is a much more positive experience!

Nice! The first MLS match I ever attended was a Sounders/Crew match in Columbus. Sounders won 4-1 with Keller in goal!

I’m on a mission to catch a home game for every MLS squad; hope to get to SEA sometime between now and forever.

I got to see a few Rapids games at the old Mile High Stadium back in the inaugural MLS season, some of the non-standard rules the league used bac then were … interesting

Speaking as a 3/4 Italian:
I am completely gutted with the result, as I thought the Italian team played like absolute bullies. They didn’t deserve to “win” against Spain, nor did they deserve to triumph over England – the fact that it happened in virtually the exact same way is awfully heartbreaking. A lot of roughhousing foul play from Italy occurred with no repercussions.

To see players like Chiellini, Bonucci, and Belotti get rewarded for such terrible behavior…to see them gloating and claiming “they deserved to win this tournament” is actually sickening. A microcosm of the world, I suppose: the more-deserving are hopeful, yet the victory and spoils go to the dirty players that abuse systems with intentional disregard for morals and ethics. Truly, truly heartbreaking.

All this on top of the fact that the ~23rd worst song won Eurovision? What an entirely undeserved year for Italy.
shame cone GIF

Undefeated in 13 games! Doing really well :slight_smile: