Which bad movies do you get the most out of?

Part of what I love (and I know I’m not alone in this) about some of the movies like Future War or Final Sacrifice are that they were clearly made as “passion” projects with few resources. As an aspiring writer and game designer, some of these bad movies are actually kind of inspiring to me. I will absolutely giggle my way through Future War when I feel like I’m not good enough and I need to remind myself that no matter how weird your vision or how small your budget, you can find other people who will try to help you make it real.

We all have a few bad movies that we secretly like even without the riffs, and we all have a few that we kinda respect what they were trying to do, even if it didn’t quite get there.

What I’m wondering is what bad movies (riffed or not!) do you get something out of? Is there one you always watch when you’re sad? One that you put on for motivation? Something you love because you can smell your grandma’s couch when you watch it late at night?

(This can absolutely be the one that makes you laugh the most, though I think that’s already been covered pretty well in other topics.)


I always enjoy watching “Moon Zero Two” when I’m feeling down. I’m not sure why though but I like it. Sort of an alternate history Timeline like the Prey (2017) game, plus it’s groovy (minus it’s groovy)


In terms of MST3K, I’m so fond of championing the musical crime caper movies/episodes, stuff in the vein of Untamed Youth, Catalina Caper, Daddy-O, The Beatniks, I Accuse My Parents, and Girls Town.

Yeah, those episodes are great, but there’s something about those movies that make the whole experience sing, as it were.

I wouldn’t say that the Russo-Finnish movies featured on the show are bad, per se, but I love them, too. Colorful, loud, wacky, unforgettable.


As for stuff outside of MST3K?

I get a lot of mileage out of creature features, whether those monsters are human-sized, miniature critters, or city-stomping behemoths.

Cheesy martial arts films from yesteryear rank high in my book, too. There’s a certain kind of comfort in them, you know? Like you can just set it and forget it, leave your brain at the door and let pure entertainment unfold.


Bad monsters are the best!
Like when the lobster shadow pops up in Teenagers From Outer Space.
Always cracks me up


Monster movies are especially good, but basically any black and white movie, good or bad, is the best thing to put on and drift off to sleep. Abbott and Costello, Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, whatever.

My dad told me that when I was a toddler we’d watch old black and white Godzilla movies at night. I think they must’ve imprinted pretty deep, because there’s something that’s very sort of reassuring and soothing about a guy in a rubber suit stomping on greyscale cardboard buildings.


Big-time word to that.

When Joel and the Bots are debating whether color movies or black-and-white movies are better in the opening host segment to Manhunt in Space, you KNOW I have to go with black-and-white movies.

A monster movie, a film noir thriller, a screwball comedy, a foreign epic, it doesn’t matter. It’s all good!


the bad movies that give me the most entertainment value are the ones who are obviously made with passion and a smattering of talent, but are utterly devoid of self-awareness or the necessity for having good taste. movies where you constantly wonder about the choices that the actors and filmmakers made at every turn–and it boggles the mind your mind that, at some point, a group of adults woke up in the morning, worked together make the movie you’re watching right now, believing that they were making good or at least sensible creative choices, and some of them even earned a paycheck for it.

the best example i can think of right offhand is 1977’s “Starship Invasions.” The whole thing is on Youtube, and you can see the trailer here. drink it in.


Hobgoblins is pretty near the top of my “oh my god people made this” list, but Starship Invasions is crazy too.

I think maybe the most baffling riffed movie out of the new seasons is The Day Time Ended. The entire time I was watching that one I was just floored waiting for some kind of narrative or plot or anything to materialize, but it really does seem to just be…whatever it is.


Oh, giant (or little!) creature features like the Notorious B. I. Gordon did. The more radiation involved, the better.

Cheap, grimy little crime movies.

Absolutely any of the chop-socky martial arts flicks, although some of them are really pretty good.

Teen deliquents. Having tended that way myself, those crack me up.

Anything with Billy Barty (especially one of the Gold Digger series from the 1930s…those three musicals, while very good, are not high art or anything…just popular entertainment and pretty funny).

Car chase movies, absolutely. Mostly from the 1970s or late 1960s. No CGI: the real ones, like the original Gone in 60s from 1974 (or so), Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. Again, some of those are actually very good. Some rare current examples include Deathproof, but not too many of those made since the real heyday of the genre.