Which host would make the best bot?

If you could transform one of the hosts into a bot, which one would it be?

Pick one… and then tell us why:

  • Joel
  • Mike
  • Jonah

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I chose Mike because he’s already done it!


This was tricky, but I think Mike, especially as the ‘youngest’ bot, would fit in nicely how he related to Crow and Tom as a host: occasionally able to rightly point their nonsense, but more often than not ganged-up on and mercilessly teased and pranked.

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I agree that Mike makes the best bot. He had the most egalitarian relationship with the bots. Joel was more of a dad figure and Jonah is still “the new guy”.

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I’m actually going with Joel since I think he’d have a great bot voice and he would counterbalance the more manic bots.


In the multiverse it already exists, and would just be a nice aside that you don’t ever really get to leave… even if you watch a Joe Don Baker movie.


We all know the Mads would own this…


Mike. Because he portrayed the best guest characters! Torgo, Morrisey, Captain Janeway, Jack Perkins.