Who are the other 2%?

Matt said in stream last night and Leslie reiterated in today’s backer update that 98% of the 3D glasses will be mailed out next week. That’s great! I’m sorry that it means extra shipping costs for you, but I appreciate that you’re prioritizing getting them out on time. Matt also had good advice that a backup pair of generic 3D glasses can be easily and cheaply obtained.

But I’m curious about the other 2%. I get that my odds are very good, but I was expecting/hoping for some explanation of whose glasses were not being sent out. Is that people who haven’t provided a mailing address? People who aren’t due for glasses for some reason? People who were foolish enough to be White Dot heratics? People who already got their glasses? People who live in a dome on the Moon? Or is this finally the answer to “If it’s 2% milk, what’s the other 98%?”


They know who they are and they know what they did. Let’s leave it at that.


My guess is that the other 2% are the international folks. Today’s update said that people not in the US would be contacted to see if they want the glasses shipped now or just to wait for everything else.


Those are the folks rich enough to have everything they watch rendered in 3D.

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The 2% are the folks who only bought the 3D glasses as an add-on. Most everyone who backed the KS and paid for glasses are also getting other rewards. For them, the shipping costs for the glasses will be collected later when everything else gets mailed.

For that last 2%, the only physical reward they are getting is the glasses, so the team needs to get their shipping details and collect the mailing fees now, since they aren’t going to get anything else later.


Oh right. That was mentioned in the last update a few weeks ago and I forgot. Thank you!

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