Who ‘dat?

Brag and confession rolled into one! My wife bought me an amazing t shirt, but I need help placing the very familiar alien in the middle. I may not sleep if I can’t figure this out! Thanks for your help!!


It’s the Metaluna mutant from This Island Earth, featured in MST3K: The Movie!


optiMSTie already gave the right answer, so I’m only posting to say that is an awesome shirt design. Is it an official release?


I think they call that a hu-man being.

Thanks for the help! As I said, embarrassing not to place it myself. I think it’s probably not official. My wife got it from one of those put your art on stuff and let people buy it sites.

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So the opposite of those “be a published poet” scams.

That is very cool, but in between not listening to Prince of Space tell him that his weapons are useless against him, it seems like Phantom of Krankor was busy not reading the memo that nobody looks good in yellow!