Who has props from MST3K films? I have a piece of the original plane from Time Chasers

I’d love to see if anyone has props, costumes, etc. from any movies used in MST3K? I have one, which I’ll describe for you…

For the longest time, I thought building my own Tom Servo puppet replica would be the closest I could come to owning a tangible piece of MST3K history. While I’ve never been able to track down an authentic prop from the show, I have just acquired something (IMHO) even better.

This twisting saga begins about 7 years ago, when someone on Reddit posted that they used the site whoseplane.com to find the current owner of the real orange & white Time Chasers plane - a 1979 Bellanca 7GCBC with N-Number N5058C. You can google “Time Chasers Plane” to easily find this post. So, the plane still exists…

Jump forward in time to October 2019 where we find a post on the official Time Chasers Movie Facebook site. Rick, the current owner of the plane, has contacted the page to say he is restoring the plane and has kept the rudder, in case anyone wants it. Rick posted his mobile number, which is where I entered the timeline, uh I mean the story. I texted Rick and said I’d happily buy any pieces of the plane he has to spare.

We learned that we live about 6 hours from each other, and went back and forth on setting up a time to meet. Well, COVID soon put a wrench in those plans, delaying our meeting by a few years. We kept in touch, and eventually, found a day this past week when we could both be in the same city. Rick was so generous that after all these years, he happily gave me the piece, free of charge! He also got a kick out of me wearing my Castleton t-shirt when we met. He is restoring the plane in its original colors, and someday I hope to see it in person.

And so I present to you, the original fabric rudder covering from the Time Chasers plane, the very material as seen in the classic (?) film. It is my most cherished relic from a movie made in Vermont.


Here’s a pic from the film which shows the rudder.


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Time Chasers is awesome!


First of all, that is fantastic!

Follow-up question: Did any of our fellow forum members end up with anything from the Best Brains auction?


Not exactly a prop and not from one of the films, but I have one of those pieces of foam cut out of the Deep 13 set. (Not my post, but to illustrate: https://www.reddit.com/r/MST3K/comments/cyvbvr/show_off_your_piece_of_deep_13_if_you_have_one/)


That’s awesome.


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