Who Hasn't Seen The Wire?

In the spirit of that host segment name something you haven’t seen that everyone else raves about.

For my part I am probably the only person here that watches VPR and has watched the Leftovers and The Wire. Yes, you should watch the last two. No, you shouldn’t watch VPR unless you enjoy Deep Hurting. No kink shaming please.

However I haven’t watched one episode of Stranger Things and I don’t ever intend to.


[sees thread title]
[raises hand] Me.


No judgment here. It’s very good but David Simon has a style a lot of folks don’t enjoy. I also liked Treme and The Deuce as well.

I mean, I haven’t really been much into television with one rather obvious exception in ages.

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I barely made it through the first season of The Wire.


Never viewed a single episode.:grimacing:

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I think that’s true for a lot of folks. I have a very high tolerance for slow, show, don’t tell storytelling but a lot of people do not.

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This and “The Last Drive-In”.

Never seen “The Wire”. The youngest is into “What We Do In The Shadows”, so we’re watching that as a family. (It’s really good! But I still wouldn’t watch it if not for her.)

I don’t even know what “VPR” is, actually.

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Other than Bravo stuff I am really picky about what I watch. Bravo is definitely my Taco Bell of viewing. Everything else is fancy food. :rofl:

The only one of those three that I’d even heard of was The Wire (and actually, it might have been in a RT riff that I heard of it now that I think of it), but I’ve never watched any of them. In fact, I genuinely thought the other two were made up and not real shows.

…so they’re real shows, huh?

Vanderpump Rules. Reality show on Bravo.

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What We Do in the Shadows is both a movie and a series, with a spinoff.

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Never seen The Wire, never seen The Sopranos, only saw one episode of Game of Thrones and didn’t like it. Same with Breaking Bad. I also didn’t think much of The Office. Apparently I was not meant to live in this era.


Eh, you can do what I do and read an ungodly number of webcomics.


Yep, all three! The Leftovers os brilliant but it’s definitely Traumatic to watch. The premise is that one day half of the world’s population disappears and no one knows why. It’s never explained why. The remaining entirety of humanity doesn’t handle it well.

Oh, only saw one episode of Mad Men too. Is it too much to hope for TV shows without a bunch of reprehensible people in them?


I’ve never seen Sopranos or Game Of Thrones either.

Or Downton Abbey.


Oh, yeah no game of thrones for me. Not remotely interested.


I only watched it because so many people raved about it. Yech.

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Not a minute of it. Saw part of an episode on GoT, but only because it was Red Wedding week and I flipped past after reading about nothing else for days.

Saw an episode each of Friends and Seinfeld, and that was more than enough.