Who Here Likes the Game Grumps?

I thought this would be worth asking because of the Game Grumps’ appearance during that first MST3K Kickstarter fundraising stream almost 6 years ago. I was absolutely thrilled to see Dan and Arin playing games and singing Starbomb songs for the good of MST3K. I’d love to find more lovelies here.

If you watch the Game Grumps, what’s your favorite playthrough of theirs? Mine is The Berenstain Bears On Their Own. With so little actual gameplay and plenty of things to riff on, I think it’s the closest they’ve come to emulating MST3K!


That’s funny.

My good friend and podcast co-host works with them. I remember their appearance during the last telethon and a particular highlight was their run through the Manos video game when they brought in Hamptons as Crow to riff along. It was delightful because it was our first real taste of Hampton’s take on Crow .


Ohhhh that’s so cool! Many thanks to your friend for helping the Game Grumps run such an awesome channel. :3

And thanks for sharing your story about seeing Hampton’s take on Crow!