Who saw the secret post-credits sequence?

I was making dinner when the livestream ended last night, so I just left my Roku playing the royalty-free filler music. Imagine my surprise when, after a while, I heard the Voice of Ivan and then watched the livestream cast run through how the show would go. We even saw Joel loading the soda glasses with the food coloring. It was a great behind-the-scenes look at the production. Did anyone else see this?


Nah, and I should’ve since I left it running hoping for some kind of stinger-type thing. But then I fell asleep because I’m 9,000 years old. Bah!!



Nope missed it. Sigh.

Family love MST3K, but they were ready to watch something else, so closed the app and handed over the remote as soon as the screen changed.

Hopefully will be left in the replay? Or included in some Gizmoplex bonus content (outtakes collection?)

Oh well…


If you have a Gizmoplex season pass, you can watch the livestream on demand – and the interviews and discussions following the episode are all there for your viewing pleasure.