Whoop, whoop!!!

Sorry, I may be way too excited for the premiere…


No, im sure everyone needs this now


Im cued up and ready to watch. A shame theres no group chat feature, but i suppose we can all just communicate here in the forums.

Enjoy the show, everyone!


I hear talking!!

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Standing by for transmission!

Yes chat woild be great but im sure its in the works lol. Im getting a Outer Limits please stand by vibe haha

Ok good glad it wasn’t in my head.

Here we go!

It has begun!

Joel is so quiet!!!

Doesn’t look like he is mic’d

Yup, need some volume.

The live chat is way too fast lol

There he goes.

The Simpsons Reaction GIF

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Did Servo sit on the remote again?

Honestly, if everything went smoothly I would be suspicious.


Off to a rough start. Still excited…and waiting…

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Wow that chat is crazy

Mine won’t load. Just keeps spinning. :cry:

Can’t follow the chat. That’s madness.

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