Who's up for July Vault Pick Community Viewings on Fridays at the usual (7pm CST) time?

The Super Bowl’s in February; PACKERS! fans are out of season.

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I can tell you have never spent time in Wisconsin.
In the NFL off-season, the Packers are still on the news at least every third day. There is no such thing as “out of season” to Packers fans.

I have been at concerts in the local park in the middle of summer and the artist mentions they played in Green Bay the night before (or would be the next night) which was met with vigorous chants of “go Pack go”

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…I was kidding.


They’re a sports team, right?


For me, it’s that the print MST3K had access to at the time is really rough in retrospect. Having seen the movie with much better quality since it’s actually a little hard to go back.

Here it is, the link to the thread for tonight’s viewing party (click the gif)! Huzzah and such!

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Looks like it’s gonna be Devil Fish this Friday, July 29th, at 7pm CST! Looking forward to another Friday night riffing with you lovely peeps! :heart:

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Hmm… I remember Devil Fish polling pretty low earlier in the month so I watched it then, thinking it wouldn’t get an Official Unofficial Community Viewing. But I might pop in if something else doesn’t happen with my Friday night.

      “Oh, I might have plans on Friday night,” he says. “I might suddenly have a social life,” he says. What a delusional goofball.

      “Hey, there was that one night when I was suddenly invited to see Kraftwerk!”



I mean, it looks tied with Eegah and I haven’t watched either so I personally don’t mind (again, I’m just happy to be here, this IS my social life currently). :smiley:

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Also, how WAS Kraftwerk? Did you meet the band and party with them all night after the show?

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Kraftwerk was great, in that way that seeing them is in exercise in trying to figure out if they are performing live or just hit “play” and are spending the next two hours on Candy Crush.

They were fine, music was great, but I don’t think there was a span of more than two minutes that somebody in my immediate line of sight had their phone up to record it. It being a 3-D projected show, did they really think their phones would pick up the effect? I don’t get people.

But I’d never been to Radio City Music Hall before and that place is just gorgeous.


The bathroom lounges - at least the ladies lounge - make you feel like you’ve gone back to some time where movie houses were utterly glamorous.

The sound at Radio City is a mixed bag though. Sometimes it’s fine; other times you’re stuffing tissues in your ears to fight the distortion.

What were we talking about again? I was just wondering where the MSTies might be pouring two out for David Warner.

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I think the in memoriam page is probably the spot for pouring a couple out.

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Thanks @Amanda_Gregory - had not seen that.


Happy to help! I did a quick scroll through the more recent stuff but I didn’t see any direct mention of Warner, so you may be the first saying anything officially. :heart:


In response to the title of this thread, I’d just like to say that I am not up for July Vault Pick Community Viewings on Fridays at the usual (7pm CST)…

I’m not trying to be a jerk, y’all go ahead on. It sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll probably end up watching a Mary Higgens Clarke riff by Bridget and Mary Jo and curl up around a pint of ice cream and a pound of high grade weed. It’s ok, seriously; we don’t have to do everything together, honey…

My god, won’t you give me some space?

Beloved. Darling. Light of our collective lives. Listen - you have all the space you need, this is an invitation not an obligation. We just want you to know you’re loved and included so IFF (if and only if) you want to hang out, come on by and we’ll be here in a big group watching some moving pictures and listening to some jokes and such. If you’re not feeling it, then no worries at all. Have a fun Friday whatever you do and just know that we’ll be here MSTing and welcome you if and when you are feeling like bustin’ a hang. No pressure at all beeb, lurve youuuuuuu. :kissing_heart:

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Well <> maybe… I dunno… will there be cake? And can I wear my raincoat indoors? Can I see Crow?

[Wow, I regressed fast… any Freudians in the audience may feel free to bite me…]

I won’t be making cake because it will be too hot, but we have those packets for mug cakes if you want one of those?

You can wear whatever you want, I’ll be wearing the traditional MST3Cape.

We will all see Crow. #blessed


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Now I’m curious. Does this cape have magical powers?