Why can't I chat?

Trying to chat in the Main Theater. I say Hi, up pops a put in a name field, I fill that in, try chatting again. Nothing doing. I find a login link(for some reason already logged in or I wouldn’t be in the theater) but that doesn’t work
WTF is going on?

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Chat doesn’t appear to be working for me at all. It won’t load.

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I’m watching chat go by. Noticing that sometimes when I refresh the page the chat goes down below the bottom of the screen so even if I could chat, I can’t because I can’t see the place to type in.

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Oh yeah, chat loaded when I reloaded the page.

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Same here.
Also, nothing happens when I click the play button. No pre-stream music yet?

Not until there is an actual stream

and yes I have tried the pop-out, still the same issue.

Have you tried a different browser? Might help.

So I watched the replay on MST3K.com and even though everything looks the same, I was able to use the chat. So the problem is with theater.gizmoplex.com

Sigh. Chat in the Gizmoplex is still not working for me using either Edge or Firefox. So can’t join the chat for any of the live events.

The chat software is not great, I agree. There is always the live event forum thread. Lots of people engaged there.


Well, I did find that if I logged in with a different computer, I could get the chat to work there. It’s strange as both computers are almost exactly alike.

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