Why isn't "Backer" next to my name?

I’m a backer and I signed up with the same email address I used as a backer. Do we just not see “Backer” next to our own names, or is something else going on?


I was gonna ask the same thing.


Same here – but I notice that a lot of the folks with the proper designation were part of an earlier test run from last month.

So we likely just need to be patient and wait for whoever has to press the button to do so.

(I mean, I assume most if not everyone here came from a backer update… and it’s not even the weekday!)

Full disclosure, I asked this same Q last night and then deleted it when the above occurred to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


As someone who’s been with the Beta for 3 weeks, I’m not sure. As you can see, it’s not next to my name either.

I will add, the backer tag just popped up recently, I will bet it’s a new addition they haven’t worked the bugs out yet. Think about it, we ALL backed the project, that’s why we’re here!

Anyway, as usual the relax tag is justified. I assure you that the powers that be are reading your comments, so this will be addressed. They did a killer job addressing issues during the campaign for such a huge Kickstarter.

Enjoy the forums, there is a learning curve. I recommend reading back as far as possible, you will be able to see us getting our legs from the beginning.


Yeah, I thought that could be the case, but I also thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask the question and find out. And you have a good point that everyone or nearly everyone probably came here from a backer update.


Mine is because I forgot what email I used for Kickstarter, and used the wrong one. And it won’t let me change it. Oh well haha. I don’t mind if people know if I backed the Kickstarter or not.

At least I remembered my email when I first sign in to Kickstarter… and then no Backer next to my name.

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Yeah, I’m just telling myself I don’t care so I won’t be sad. I’m sure the actual feature will come in the future.

I got you guys. It’s something you have to activate in your profile. Go to your preferences, scroll down to flair, and if your email matches your Kickstarter email, you may see a backers2021 option with a “K” logo. Pick that and save.

I don’t have that, as I have chosen instead to display my street team flair instead.

<edit>I seem to have activated both. I do not know how, but I’m digging it.</edit>


Let me try this again. In preferences, look for primary group and see if backers is in there. That gets the word “backer” next to your name. The little icon is your flair - think “Office Space”


If you click in the “backer” tag of someone who has it you can request you get it added by submitting your backer number


Because you be straight frontin’ yo!


My email does match my KS email and… yeah, I’m not spotting any of this stuff in preferences. Got a screencap maybe to show me how blind I’m being?

I don’t see any of those things under Preferences either, but I submitted a request using Eevee’s method.


I don’t see any “flair” option in preferences

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Well, that’s the easiest way yet.

Screenshot - 2021-07-10T155335.791

Screenshot - 2021-07-10T155351.258

Otherwise when in doubt, run in circles scream and shout!


Yeah, none of that is there on mine, Title, Flair… but ah well, we’re at the beta stage, so it’ll get figured out in time.


I don’t have the tag either, but I think you may have to first request addition to the backers2021 group from this page: Mystery Science Discourse 3000 - It's a beta test, we should really just relax.

Make sure you have your backer number from the kickstarter handy.
I just submitted my request, so if you see “Backer” appear next to my name at some point in the near future, it probably worked.


Yeah, that wasn’t in my profile either, so I used the alt method.