Wife doesn't like creepy dummies!

Hello! My wife and I were able to get tickets to the very first live show and we’re super excited! However, my wife REALLY REALLY doesn’t like creepy dummies and apparently Making Contact has a creepy dummy! Any suggestions to help her out?


Peril sensitive sunglasses


Practice some immersion therapy with Devil Doll beforehand.


Construct arguments to convince her that the creep is intelligent and merely hiding the intelligence for a strategic purpose.


Buy a LOT of creepy dummies, and hide them around your house.

She will then get used to creepy dummies, and accept them as your children and be happy.

Trust me, I’m a brain science doctor.


Also, I bought my tickets and didn’t even check to see what movie they were doing. I’m even more excited now!



“Hugo is an ugly little dummy.”

Who eats sawdust and “He can eat ham!”

You could probably find some ventriloquist dummy in a dumpster somewhere and go nuts on it with a chainsaw, but while it could be cathartic, it could also summon up ghouls or something.

I think I should have a Pee-Wee Herman ventriloquist puppet somewhere around, likely somewhere around my parents’ house, but you can’t have that. In fact, I don’t even want it at my place, which is why I haven’t tried to retrieve it.

It’s best just to forget it ever existed, and I say that as a huge admirer of Mr. Herman’s work in The Blues Brothers and other features.


Have you tried self-deprecating jocularity?


Well have you ever heard of/seen the Goosebumps movie? That also has a creepy dummy in it too!

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Not so much advice here, but I can think of about a half dozen terrific practical jokes that would almost certainly land you in the doghouse. Does that help?


Get really good at the “HEY, WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE” ruse.


It can be really difficult to intercept the visceral fear response, so the best you can probably do is try to defuse it. Hopefully the live riffing will help distract her and make it silly rather than scary. Also, you might check out online pictures from the film and find your own distracting riff for the puppet when it appears. Perhaps it looks like Uncle Bob or something? If you can mitigate the initial reaction you can hopefully keep it from becoming too scary.


Probably better if you don’t come over to my house…

Also, don’t move into my last apartment.
We lived in an old Victorian house converted into apartments that had a partially sealed off dumbwaiter shaft that used to connect the 1st and 2nd floor. It would have been the perfect size cupboard to store a broom in, but for some reason, they only gave it this tiny little 2.5" tall door that wasn’t even wide enough for you to store a trash can inside it.

So given that we had a mysterious door that led to nothing useful, we did what anybody would do, and picked up an old Ventriloquist figure at a yard sale, crazy-glued an old kitchen knife to it’s hand, and then wedged it up inside the top of the shaft so that if you stick your head in and look up, it looks like it’s climbing down out of the attic to get you.

We… uhh… decided to leave it behind as a surprise for whoever moved into the place after us.
Here’s hoping none of them have heart conditions.


Show her “Terror of the Autons,” and “Spearhead from Space.” Immersion therapy!


Or the excellent film Magic.

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What’s up with Bruce Willis’s hand? Looks like it holds a rifle cartridge. :worried:

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I’d like to be helpful but I’ve got nothing, except for to say that having never heard of the movie I just checked out the trailer and it looks pretty cool. Maybe the doll isn’t as creepy/prominent as you think?

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That’s Yul Brenner holding an early (and very unsuccessful) model of flip-open cell phone.

@DeepHurting, is that a Commando Cody flight control unit on the shelf in the background?

I love you all, but two things I don’t hang around for: creepy dummies and Troma films.

But you have your fun. I’ll just be home learning to knit or something.

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Yeah, well I’m a creepy dummy and I don’t think very highly of your wife right now!