Wildlife Pictures

I know a Squatcher, and he is friends with the other guy that was there when the Patterson film was taken. Gimlin…or something like that. He swears it’s real. At one point he said it was a hoax, but he says he only said that to get people to stop harassing him.

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I also found snek! (Gopher snake)


Not a trail camera, but another fine snake. This was in Arizona.


Not a trail camera but I did catch some snaps of these wild turkeys in my yard a few years ago


Oh, I think it’s a given that if anyone actually saw anything that wasn’t permitted in the current zeitgeist, they would absolutely be hounded until they retracted. No question.


More pictures!

This is George, he is a Little Brown Bat (seriously that the common name) he was taking a nap in a folded up container and when we popped it open he fell out. He wasn’t particularly happy.


Love the Little Brown Bats! We have them here, I watch them from my balcony in the twilight.

Many years ago I visited the Canoe Creek Church at the edge of Canoe Creek State Park. This old abandoned church was home at the time to a colony of 20,000 little brown bats. At dusk they exited the church in a stream and I stood in the midst of them, listening to their squeaks as they veered around me. Sadly white-nose syndrome has wiped out most of the colony since then, but I believe there is a stable population once more in the park proper.


Yes, white nose syndrome is terrible. We have projects in that will hopefully get funded to do bat surveys where I am to check for WNS.


No, I was trying to upload a good video from WNW from Turku, to try to get an ID on some juvenile birds from a pal.

But a lot of these pictures are astounding: multiple mountain lions, and some good coyote shots here.

One of these I’m going to try to get a few shots of some gorgeous bald eagles up near my day job.

Not in love with all the venomous snakes, although that’s the closest to a copperhead I’ve ever been. Reminds me of an anecdote collected in John Cage’s text Silence: “Copperhead in the bathroom!”

Yeah, I’ll try to work with the video and upload my mystery birds from the Finnish cabin, but these are all excellent photos you all have done.

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Someone threw a bunch of chickens over the fence of my work and one of my coworker borrowed our live trap, caught this guy and took him home. Unfortunately the rest were eaten by eagles and/or coyotes.

Sometimes during egg laying season the eagles get territorial and attack each other and my coworker and I have to go catch the injured eagle and call the rescue place. This is the handoff from us to the rescue people.

One of my workers found this little guy running down the road by himself. He was given to a local rescue and was released when he was old enough.



That squirrel looks like he’s in a food coma :grin:

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That was a hot day :sunny:

Great stuff! The squirrel appears to be doing his frog impression. :wink:

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Some of our local frogs and toads.


Gadding about the woods all day, eh Sandy? :wink:


All kidding aside, these pictures are amazing. Obviously my uploads were meant as a joke but if I’m being honest, that’s pretty much how my pictures come out.

“Why do the children look like sasquatch?”



Took this picture of baby quail in my old front yard

and this is papa quail being the lookout from the roof



And a deer, same yard