Will MST3K Riff The Emoji Movie?

From What I Think The Emoji Movie Is Perfect For MST3K To Riff On, So Im Ready For Sony To Let MST3K Riff On Said Movie, But What Are Your Thoughts?

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Welcome to the forum! I haven’t seen TEM and I guess if MST3K (or Rifftrax) does it is probably the only way I ever will, so there’s that :laughing:

Realistically though, I don’t think they’ve ever done an animated feature length movie, and they tend to steer clear of comedies (was it a comedy? I’m assuming it was supposed to be) so I think the odds are low. But there’s a first time for everything.


Well The Emoji Movie Is The Worst Animated Film Of All Time So Yea There’s A First Time For Everything

You say that but Foodfight is somehow even more cynical and deranged. Thankfully, it reached fewer eyes and doesn’t star human nightmare TJ Miller but still.


Oh Your Right But Still There’s First Time For Everything

If you want to know about the nightmare that is Foodfight, do I have the podcast for you:

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I All Ready Know About That Nightmarish Abomination

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Welcome to the forum, by the way.


Hello there, @Ezekiel_Benoit, and welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Thanks optiMSTie!


Very welcome, aye - cheers!

I’m game for this.

I think it’s about high time that an animated movie got riffed.

Same With Me

Hey, we survived Munchie AND that Gumby movie. We can survive this! Right?!?!

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Welcome to the forums, but I hope to never, ever have to see any movie starring a living piece of poo.


You Mean The Gumby Short Robot Rumpus

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It might be too expensive and also they don’t tend to go after recent theatrical films. That’s more of a Rifftrax thing.



Considering it was supposed to be a comedy, I doubt the makers have enough of a sense of humour to allow their movie to be on MST3K.
So, as @TheLurker suggests, the more likely possibility is if RiffTrax do it as a “Just the Jokes” release.

But not only is it not as bad as Food Fight, it is also not as bad as the animated Titanic (the one with the rapping dog). And then there’s the entire Dingo Pictures catalogue, especially Animal Soccer World.

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Yeah But Sill There’s First Time For Everything