Will MST3K Riff The Emoji Movie?

No, that (dis)honor has to go to “Night on the Galactic Railroad” which somehow manages to be simultaneously incredibly boring ( The animation was basically two hours of blinking cats), horribly depressing (we’re talking Steinbeck or Russian lit depression levels), more incoherent than “The Bubble”, and obnoxiously preachy. The Emoji Movie is a cinematic masterpiece by comparison.

Well It’s Still The Worst Movie Otherwise Even Though It’s On Number 5 Of IMDB’s Worst Animated Films Of All Time List

For a long time, everyone thought Plan Nine from Outer Space was the worst movie ever made. With knowledge and the internet, we now know it’s a long way from even being the worst movie by that director - it’s just the best-known.
TEM probably has the lowest ratings because more people have watched and rated it on IMDB.


And here’s a movie from Dingo Pictures.

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Well They Can Riff Those Movies But Still There’s First Time For Everything

The SEA English release is a much better cut of the movie. No awkward unnecessary flashbacks (movie proceeds in a chronological order) and while the dog’s rap is still jarring in that cut, the rap is much more relevant (it’s more about the various classes of passenger rooms). Still not a good movie, but better.

So, @Ezekiel_Benoit, why do you think this movie is so ripe for riffing?

Rifftrax also did a guest appearance on the Gizmoplex with their riff of Gumby’s full-length movie.

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Twinkle Nora! Rock Me!

Says hi.

Because It’s One Of The Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

Sure, it’s not a good movie. But what about it makes you excited for the prospect of a MST3K riffing?

It was through the Austin based Double Toasted that I found out about the atrocity that was Titanic: The Legend Goes On. Regardless of where you’ve seen a review from if you haven’t yet, be very afraid!

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That It’s A Bad Movie, Everyone Knows That

See, for me, when I see a movie, I always have a reason if want it riffed. A ridiculous premise, unbelievable characters, silly monsters.

For me, “bad” with nothing else is just bad. A movie usually has to have some spark, some special quality. In the end, I have to like something about it to want to see it riffed. I think of it as an offbeat way to appreciate and reinterpret a flawed but somehow lovable movie or short*.

So it’s totally ok if you want to see this junker riffed because you think it’s bad - you get to like what you like. I’m curious, though, if there’s something about it that makes you smile on the inside. Something you appreciate, even if it’s not how the makers intended for you enjoy it. Something that makes it a hoot for all the wrong reasons.

* Maybe not Animal Antics. Not for me.


[quote=“NotTVsFrank, post:34, topic:27888, full:true”]
See, for me, when I see a movie, I always have a reason if want it riffed. A ridiculous premise, unbelievable characters, silly monsters.[/quote]

The premise of The Emoji Movie is:

Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji

I think that qualifies as having ridiculous premise and unbelievable characters. What really needs to be riffed was the pitch meeting where this was approved.

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Welp, that qualifies. And yeah, to be a fly on the wall in those meetings.

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The crazy thing is that there’s a Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse cartoon making fun of the idea of a cartoon musical about the Titanic… and then someone made one.

Well I Didn’t Know That

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For reasons I’d rather not get into, I have seen Foodfight probably around 30 times. I make no excuses, it’s entirely my fault.

They didn’t need a fly on the wall, they needed Crow saying “What the hell was that pitch. Are you even capable of rational though?” And Tom adding “This sounds like Wreck-it Ralph, only after a lobotomy.”