Without spoilers.Best part of Munchie?

With our spoilers.What is the best part of munchie?

I like the parts where something happens but then doesn’t really happen.


It ends.


I like the part where the human and robots said those funny things.


The runtime is only 80 minutes.


Everyone likes pizza, right?

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I like it, but my digestive system doesn’t, so I can’t eat it.


I’ve always been partial to the first three letters. Rhymes with ‘fun’, ironically.

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I like that part where everybody dances The Munchie. You guys know what I’m talking about?

I don’t know what I’m talking about.


There’s that one part where there’s a scene. I’m thinking THAT’S the part everyone’s gonna be talking about.

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er… that it reminds us Dom made better movies???

Like jazz, it’s all about the parts you don’t see. So for maximum enjoyment, don’t see it.


The inevitable Snoop Dogg sponsorship, in conjunction with Just Eat.

My favorite part is at the end when Munchie finally gets leverage over the Psychlos and puts Barbarino in a cage.

Granted, I may be thinking of the wrong movie.

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Without spoliers, my guess is it’s not longer than it has to be. :grin:

For the record, my comment was truthful. It will make more sense after you see the movie.

So, you are saying I should expect Munchie to “make sense.” Cool! :wink:

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There’s a fantasy funeral sequence early in the movie I thought was pretty okay and had a few chuckles. As for the episode itself, it remains to be seen.

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