World Cup 2023

Women’s World Cup - Sports Illustrated Power Rankings

We come in at number 4, but really we haven’t performed up to expectations yet. Let’s hope elimination inspires the team to bring it!

Just watched the USA/Sweden match.

Wow, that’s one of the most dramatic penalty shootouts I’ve ever seen. You’d have put your house on Rapinoe to bury it and I’ve never seen one finish like that before. Shootouts can be really exciting to watch if you’re a neutral but they’re a cruel way to go out of a tournament. Some of the young players looked really nervous, maybe because of the weight of expectation and how the press would react if they lost. USA were the better team when they woke up but you’ve still gotta score and Musovic was outstanding for Sweden today. Japan will probably be happy with the way the game went though.


Well yesterday I was rooting for Spain because the Netherlands was talking smack about USWNT. So that was a very satisfying result!

With the US out, I guess I’ll root for the Aussies as the home team. Then I dunno… Spain or England, Sweden last for no particular reason.


When I set up the recording for all the World Cup games I set it to record an extra 90 minutes for each game.

My recording of the Australia-France game just ran out of time in the middle of the 19th penalty kick.


I already knew how it ends but come on I WATCHED THE WHOLE GAME JUST FOR COMPLETENESS

Had to watch the final kick on YouTube :angry:

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Congratulations to España! :partying_face:

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