Worst movie you saw in the theater

I remember a vague amount of hype at the time. Out of curiosity, I pulled up Spilsbury’s Wikipedia page and found this - “Spilsbury briefly attended Brigham Young University before moving to Hollywood to attempt to break into acting and in 1979, using the name Max Keller, moved to New York City…”


The Allnighter
The 1984 Dune
The 1998 Godzilla

What’s weird is I appreciate the '84 Dune flick now, but still think it’d make a great mst3k episode.

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I saw Superman IV in the theater…until thewas a technical problem and the film stopped partway through. We…didn’t stay until they fixed it.


I won’t pay to see it in the theater but I am becoming obsessed with reading reviews of Madame Web:

Madame WebMD - by John Paul Brammer - ¡Hola Papi!?
" What are her powers?
Madame Web’s powers are the same as Raven’s. Not Raven from Teen Titans, but Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven. She has sporadic visions of the future, which allow her to change fate. Mostly, she is a normal woman who hits people with her car."


“Dakota Johnson, who is wanted for kidnapping three teenage girls, stealing a taxi, and running it into a diner, announces at one point “I need to go to Peru,” and then goes to Peru.”


My husband and I watched '84 Dune for the first time when it was streaming on Netflix recently. It’s the sort of mindf*ck of a movie that looks like it was directed by a sentient bag of cocaine.


It’s definitely a mind-crabber at times. Back then was grossed out by the “Navigator” scenes (the silly thing looked like someone’s tonsils grew a set of arms and eyes, then found a career in travel and politics).

When I see it now, think of it as 1/3rd of a good movie.

Every Dune movie looks like it was made by someone tripping b*lls.


Devil’s Due.

One of the “found footage” genre of movies, not only was it not remotely scary, I also got sick and had to keep my eyes closed during a good third of the movie because of the first-person perspective and shaky camera work setting off my simulator sickness horribly. The “plot” was a clear rip-off of Rosemary’s Baby, but not in a good way.