Worst Music Videos of All Time

I like the song, but what even?

You forgot that there are cameos of virtually every celebrity 1991 had to offer.

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Levar Burton will effing cut you.

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But “movie violence” isn’t real. It even says so in the end credits. Yes of course the end credits of the music video. Um, see?:


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Yeah, that’s what they wanted us to think.

Just like with-- fluoride!!! :scream_cat:

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Speaking of which.

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It’s been bugging me for a week, but I just remembered another noteworthy thing about this video. At about two minutes, there’s a flash of a model who’s redoing the cover of The Motels’ All Four One. The lead of Burning Sensations was Martha Davis’ sideman and romantic partner for a while, and then left to start his own band. So… quick message of regret or “eff you” to her here? Maybe a little of both.

I never liked The Motels, but from a commercial standpoint, at least, Davis got the last laugh.

I’ve never heard this non album single until recently. Now I see why. The effects 30 seconds in scream early Def Leppard.