Worst Song Ever

“Oh, we can let Andy write and sing just one song on the album. How bad could it be?”

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That weird guitar riff gets strangled ad nauseum on the Summers/Fripp albums.

Mine is Every Breath You Take. Bluck. And creepy!


While there’s a TON of pop song rubbish out there that makes me cringe, WTF is that Mother tune all about?! I had Synchonicity on cassette when it came out but I don’t recall this at all. I guess I heard the first millisecond and fast forwarded the tape. OUCH this is utterly terrible!

Still better than Lady Gaga. :grin:

Eh. It’s pretty generic. But far from the worst someone could’ve done to that song. :person_shrugging:

They could have combined it with another crap song! :laughing:. At least Big Mountain did one song at a time.
Winona Ryder GIF by Filmin

It seems that the telephone is ringing.

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Is that his mother on the phone?

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Won’t she leave him alone?

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It was Andy Summers’ tribute to Psycho. Whereas “Miss Gradenko” was Stewart Copeland’s tribute to Spy Kids!

I was disappointed by much of Synchronicity. It was not a popular opinion.

Overexposed is the word which comes to mind. Of course, I’d be happier if about 7/8ths of Eighties popular song had never existed, so… :person_shrugging:

I don’t care that it’s a b side joke. Ow, my freakin ears!

No one here familiar with Lucia Pamela?

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75% less embarassed now over every audition I ever got tossed out of. :laughing:

Oh, cool. It’s like a talent-free version of “Barnyard Boogie.” :upside_down_face:

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Won’t post the video, I hate this song so much.

“Babe” by Styx. Or, “Generic Background Music for (any feminine hygiene product here) Commercial.”

I like a lot of Styx stuff. I particularly like the grungy prog-rock they did before they got famous. But “Babe”… damn. The keyboard intro of that song was the template for every terrible “love ballad” of the 80’s AND 90’s.

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Reading this reminds me that in my small circle of girl pals, De Young v. Shaw was kind of the Hodgson v. Nelson of its day.

My amused memories of this are kind of eclipsing any strong feelings I might have had about any of their songs. “Babe” is… just kinda’ there for me. For better or worse, it just didn’t ping my Schmaltz-O-Meter the way a lot of other stuff did.

Okay, “Heavy Metal Poisoning” was pretty silly. But not hugely painful.