Worst Song Ever

James Young’s singing is an acquired taste… but I acquired it.

Real bold to do an extension of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire and not bother to put it in chronological order.

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And it’s not even the WORST FOB song!

Anna Kendrick Movie GIF by Pitch Perfect

They rhymed George Floyd with Metroid and didn’t mention COVID what is even happening?!


No Battle For Seattle. No Ralph Nader. Well, whatever.

Seriously, “Robert Downey, Jr., Iron Man”? That counts as historically significant enough to eat up two whole lines? o_0

Flyover history isn’t history, no matter what quasi-profound rich windbag is pretending to document it.

Could it be that the news has just gotten a lot stupider since 1989? Or that Fall Out Boy really isn’t a very good band?


To be fair, the original We Didn’t Star the Fire pays undue attention to boxers.

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Well, he stated out as a boxer. Interesting because you couldn’t tell Billy apart from Sly back then.


He did. And take from this what you will, but Muhammad Ali didn’t make it to the song but a guy named Floyd Patterson did. I’m not a fan of boxing, but I’m pretty sure I know which one of those guys had more historical importance.


Surprised Will hasn’t slapped the Piano Man yet.

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At least this project distracted them from the Cole Porter medley they were working on.

I’d say she shoulda stuck with guitar, but truth is the cuchi cuchi took her further. Shame, cos’ she ain’t too shabby…


I loved her guitar playing. True, though, it’s the cuchi cuchi that sells.

I was just reminded of this one.

The thing is, I LOVE the first minute of this song, but then it turns into Marty Balin being progressively hornier and Grace Slick hissing whatever the hell in the background, and you realize with growing horror that this was probably playing at every Boomer orgy in the mid-70s.


I swear, while I remember this song being played a lot in the 1970s, I never knew what it was called. Yeah, it would work better as an instrumental. The vocals really drag it down.

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