Would Like to See the Episode Numbers

I’m really liking the look and feel of the Gizmoplex, and the functionality of my Video Fridge, but I’m missing the original Episode Numbers. There’s an option to sort by “EP#”, but that actually keys to the Experiment Numbers.

After years of collecting and organizing my downloaded episodes by Episode Number, I’m used to looking for Teenagers From Outer Space as Episode 0404, not as Experiment 75. Plus, the Episode Numbers tell you a little more readily where you are in the life of the show.

This is a minor beef, and I understand too many sort options might get confusing, but if things stay as they are, maybe the “EP#” sort button could at least be re-labelled to “EX#”? Thanks for everything!


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Absolutely agree 100%: if I can’t see the episode numbers, how will I ever find 0420?

Re-labelling the existing numbers as “Ex.#” is simply good information hygiene.

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Yes, this drives me absolutely nuts. Beyond the KTMA episodes, I know of maybe 2 episodes off the top of my head based on the overall order: #100 was The Magic Voyage of Sinbad and #200 was The Time Travelers. If you asked me what was episode #86, I couldn’t tell you. What was 523? Village of the Giants. Easy.

I know it’s a small thing that would take a lot of work, but it’d make the site much more user-friendly for OCD!