Would you be IN a bad movie?

I’ve always wanted to be an extra in a movie. (These pretzels are making me thirsty!) Something bad & sci-fi would be my ideal.

If yes, have you picked your part?

I’d like to be the guy at the end of the movie who sums it all up in the most cliche way possible, “We tampered in God’s domain…”


To the best of my knowledge, if you have speaking lines, you’re technically not an extra.

Side note: Does Spider-Man 3 count as a bad movie? Boy, do I have stories from the set of that one…


I’d be one of the many white coats in the evil scientists lab. Like maybe there’d be a shot of me concentrating very intensely while pouring a meaningless liquid from one beaker to another, probably while wearing none of the correct lab PPE


To some, definitely. Let’s hear them stories! Maybe start a thread inviting others who have worked in set to share stories!


I once auditioned for a local horror flick, tentatively titled “My Zombie Girlfriend.” The audition was at a local park with the director/cameraperson/writer/producer doing a cookout for all who came to audition. Four friends and I turned up, and to the best of my knowledge, we were the only ones who showed all day. And I don’t know if it was the poor turnout or if he was horrified at our auditions, but to the best of my knowledge, the movie was never made!

But getting in front of a camera and making a fool of myself is a specialty of mine, so hell yes, I would! Heroine to henchman to random bystander who gets stepped on by the monster.


I’ve always been curious: Do people in a bad movie always know they’re in a bad movie?

I mean yes, some are intended to be shlocky, but for actors playing it as a normal film, do they see the riff-ability in the dialogue or blocking or set design? Or are they too close to the “making” to see the end result?


I would definitely be in a bad movie, I think I would enjoy it more than being in a good movie.

My part would be the one henchman that gets named early on, like “Carl, put that box over there”, but then doesn’t appear again in the movie for a while. Just so when I show up again later, our host and the bots yell “Carl!”

Yep, that’s my dream.


If you get to say a line I think you have to be paid more technically.
Whilst not a bad movie, imo anyway, I could have had a background role in the Youtuber Ashens and the Polybius Heist if Twitter hadn’t forgot to alert me to the message!

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Definitely I’d be in a bad movie. I’d like to either be a background person who notices something weird was said/done and give a WTF look or be the extra that slips/trips/hits their head, but they leave it in the movie anyway.


LOL “Getting stepped on by the monster”. That’s a great one. Aaaaiiiggghh! Splat.


I love that. And you get cited in IMDB as one of the filming mistakes. :rofl:

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I’m not opposed to being paid a little. I’ll also work for pizza.


I know, right!? Being in a good movie sounds like a lot of pressure. Besides, the world has enough good movies already. Being in a bad movie would just be pure fun.


That is an excellent question. Especially if there are special effects involved. There’s really no way an actor could know the UFOs are going to be dangling from clearly visible wires, right?

There are probably clues on set though, and from the director’s past work and the quality of the script.

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Great idea! And let us know how you got the job (so we can all get riffed on)

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:joy::joy::joy: BTW you user name is so good I feel bad about myself.

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Back…15 years ago?..Fred Olen Ray invited a bunch of folks on his Retromedia Forum to be extras. I had friends coming in from out of town, though, so I didn’t go. They, of course, said, “OMG, you shoulda gone!”

I shoulda gone. :-/

I think he must’ve been shooting Tomb of the Werewolf or Voodoo Dollz.

Well, Len Kabasinsky’s coming to town to shoot something and if he puts out a call for extras, I’m there.

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Totally! You’ll have other friends, but these opportunities may only come around once…

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Spiderman 3 IS a bad movie.

I live in Albuquerque and work in the film industry here in New Mexico. I’ve been able to work background on a lot of movies over the years. Sometimes you just never know how a movie’s gonna turn out.

The first movie I worked background on after moving to NM was a Val Kilmer flick called Conspiracy. Sort of a Bad Day at Black Rock/High Plains Drifter wannabe. On set it didn’t seem like the movie was gonna be special and watching it confirmed my feelings. It wasn’t horrible but it certainly wasn’t good (although it was interesting to see Gary “Lumbergh” Cole play the town’s xenophobic fascist dictator.)

I played a white lab coated hospital orderly in Frank Miller’s The Spirit. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I think it’s silly campy fun. I also got to work a lot on Terminator Salvation. Again, one not viewed very highly, but I think it’s a cool, underrated flick.

I’ve worked on a few shorts that turned out to absolute train wrecks (and not entertaining ones, either). But probably the worst one I worked on was also the most disappointing. With the great Harold Ramis directing Jack Black and Michael Cera, how could you go wrong? In many, many ways, that’s how. There was so much talent involved in The Year One on both sides of the camera, only for it to turn into an agressively unfunny satire. UGH. What makes it even worse was that it was Ramis’s final film as a director before his untimely passing.

Sometimes you just never know.