Ya'll probably already know, but in case you don't ...

I know this is probably pertinent only to a very small subset of folks, but I’ve downloaded all the episodes that I have access to through the Gizmoplex so I can load them on my Plex server, just in case sometime “in the not too distant future” (kidding) the Gizmoplex snickersnags itself out of existence (also, Gizmoplex isn’t yet satisfying my desire to have everything neatly separated into seasons. It’s gotten much much better, but it’s not there yet). I’ve used the new silhouette/text art for the poster image and I’m going to use these for the background images. I was manually scouring Amazon for the illustrated images when I found this repository, so I thought I’d share.

Here’s some one-stop shopping for the illustrated cover art: Shout! Factory DVDs

And the older DVD cover art (as you might have guessed) is here: Rhino DVDs