Yes/No they are/n't holiday/xmas/etc movies...

ok here we go, I figure if any group is going to be able to hash this out with some fun it’s well… you know. Do you watch any of these, predominantly, this time of year?

On at or about holiday-times, but does that make them…? One can argue that if the holiday itself is not central to events, then maybe not so much. But it’s easy to work around that and dig up themes or a simple, hey life happens, holidays or no. ‘At Xmas’ doesn’t necessarily mean XMas day,

I’ll drop a few in to start, obvious ones up front.

Die Hard
Trading Places
The Princess Bride
The Thin Man
Three Days of the Condor

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If we’re going to squint at everything, then every movie that ever won an oscar was a christmas movie since the big studios release their oscar bait at the end of the year.

I don’t watch any movies at specific holidays (unlike my folks who watch Christmas Vacation every Xmas) but as for what’s a holiday movie…

Die Hard and Gremlins are Christmas movies
The Princess Bride is not a holiday movie
I haven’t seen Trading Place in a long time but I want to say not a holiday movie
I have never seen The Thin Man or Three Days of the Condor :woman_shrugging:


Die Hard 1 & 2 ARE Christmas movies and I watch them almost every Xmas :grin:

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Anyone know if the movie version of Alice’s Restaurant is a Thanksgiving movie?

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Is Grizzly an Arbor Day movie?

Could Mitchell be a Christmas movie?

I didn’t even know a movie of that existed until the yesterday when I happened to look up the song on Wikipedia after my annual listening and found out that the story is basically true! I’d like to see the movie.

LA Confidential is a Christmas movie.

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Lethal Weapon takes place during Christmas…

3 of those listed came out in the Summer oddly enough. Speaking of Christmas movies outside of the holiday release schedule, I love this one from March 1994.



The Apartment? Totally a Christmas movie.

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The Princess Bride, Three Days of the Condor, and The Thin Man all take place at Christmastime; Trading Places from mid-December (around time the film started shooting the year before it was released) to just into New Year.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Disney released that near Christmas, though it isn’t really a Christmas movie in spite of Father Christmas making an appearance in one scene.

Any movie is a Christmas movie if it puts you in the Christmas spirit.


Only if the William Friedkin movie The Guardian is one as well.

Let’s not forget it’s Christmas in L.A. when Critter and the gang arrive there in Girl In Gold Boots. That film should make a nice holiday double feature with It’s a Wonderful Life!

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