"You can watch Pluto TV in VLC, and the MPA considers this piracy"

Article here:

Thought this would be of interest considering the latest MST news. Sort of disturbing that they got away with a DCMA takedown.

(I hope this doesn’t count as politics, I don’t think it is.)


It makes sense to me though. Pluto has the right to control where their content is showing. Just because it is free/ad-supported and doesn’t require a login doesn’t mean they lose that right.

But Pluto isn’t the one sending the DCMA notice, it’s the Motion Picture Association.

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It is not piracy. If this were taken to court, I am confident the GitHub repo would be allowed to stand. This incident won’t go to court, because the owner of the repo did not care to fight it and took it down. On the other this is so easy to do, that it may end up in court sooner or later. I would guess that in the mean time the MPA is going to lean on Paramount, who is going to lean on PlutoTV, who will either add encryption, or otherwise secure their API. If they do that, they have a more clear case of piracy (hacking really) for anyone who gains access to the API without authorization.


This isn’t even remotely piracy. Whining because people are sharing a text URL that points to a free, unencrypted video stream. What a joke. Pretty much par for the course for the MPA.