Your fantasy ConventioCon guest list and directors panel lineup?

Special Guests: Peter Graves, Kim Catrall, Bela Lugosi, Joe Don Baker and Bruce J. Mitchell (Rowsdower)

Directors panel: Ed Wood Jr., Coleman Francis, Hal Warren, Bert I Gordon and Bill Rebane

Musical performances by Arch Hall Jr. and Dick Contino

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Comic Relief Panel: Paul Gilbert, Robert Donner, Kon Omura, Bill McCutcheon, Sid Melton, Steven Boggs, Dirch Passer, Steve Franken, Alberto Rojas


Armida as Awana

For those who might not immediately recognize one or more of those names, in order they are Hi-keeba Guy (104), Inspector Pratfall (204), Cornjob (312, 1307), Dropo (321), Little Monkey Boy (208, 520), Kyle (908), Peterson (1101), Danny (1103), and Perico (1301).

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Sid Haig

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If we can conjure forth anyone from over the course of history to take part in this, I would want Peter Breck to discuss his choices in The Beatniks.

I think we could do really well in the music department: The panel could include John Williams, Elmer Bernstein…

Joel Goldsmith, Michael Kaman, Murray Gold, Howard Shore, Bear McCreary, David Arnold, James Horner

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Right?! It’s kind of amazing. You rarely (never?) get a great director on MST3K, occasionally a great actor, but it’s practically even money on getting a great composer/orchestrator.

There have been Oscar winning directors associated with MST3K movies, but usually as actors (Clint Eastwood, Johnathon Demme).

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Demme! Which one is Demme in?

Huh. According to IMDB he’s in Incredible Melting Man, but I’ve never noticed him in there anywhere.

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He was the guy who, along with his girlfriend, was going to go into their house, but he finds that the doorknob is coated with melty slime.

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