Your Favorite Anti-love Songs

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and soon we will be inundated with cheesy love songs, and the sleep inducing… uh, I mean smooth… tones of Kenny G. I thought I would get a jump on that, and set the tone with a thread devoted to anti-love songs (some of which are often mistaken for love songs). I will get things started with an old favorite, Love Stinks by J. Geils Band, a song that Rick from Pod People may have been channeling when he came up with his hit Hideous Control:

What are your favorite anit-love songs to listen to at this time of year while the rest of the world is getting all mushy with the Kenny G?


You’re So Vain might qualify. It’s certainly one of the best slams ever set to music.

I personally like Love Killer by Blutengel, but as with most of their stuff it also has gothic and supernatural overtones.


Not really ANTI-love songs, more like a couple of songs about loving yourself / recognizing your own power and not needing some idea of love that society tries to program us women to want and chase at all costs.


Though a more traditional one would be this from the 1984 Metropolis soundtrack:


Thanks a lot… now I’ve got Public Image Ltd stuck in my head.


This is what you want. This is what you get.


Every single song ever written by Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields/Future Bible Heroes/The 6ths/Gothic Archies.


No real video, but the music speaks for itself:


Oh, man, the list…
I’m really old, and I started dating a month before my 15th Bday…so yeah, a LOT of “I don’t love you” songs.
In no particular order:

(Nothing beats screamsinging this song, at a concert. NOTHING!)


Here’s a fun one.


Not sure it quite fits the bill, but any excuse to post this:


Inspired by a recent Song vs. Song podcast episode, I bring you the following:

Olivia Rodrigo–Good 4 U

I could have included her entire album, since it’s all about her ex, but I’m going to just go with this song. It’s part Paramore-sounding (to the point that two members of Paramore were added as co-writers after the fact), part-essence of Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill:

Billie Eilish–Happier Than Ever

Another song about an actual ex, I really like how it starts really mellow, then goes into this transition into an angry rock song:


:notes: I see people in love and I’m glad I’m not
It’s just a disease and I’m glad I ain’t got it :notes:

:notes: Unhappy anniversary, it’s ten years since we met
There is no need to remind me
No way I could forget
We fell in love, then we fell out
Both times there was no net :notes:

:notes: Boy meets girl, they give it a whirl
The very next thing you know
He thinks she’s nuts
And she hates his guts
And the bad blood starts to flow :notes:

:notes: It’s crucial that it doesn’t matter
Vows of love or idle chatter
To feel this good has to be bad
I’m so damn happy that it’s sad
Dear listener, would you like to slap me? :notes:

:notes: They got drunk last night
Had a knock-down drag-out fight
She was determined and he saw it his way
He threw a tantrum and she threw an ashtray :notes:

:notes: And it’s been 16 years now that I’ve written songs
Over a hundred and still going strong
About drinking and hockey and flying above
Again and again about unhappy love
Over and over, unhappy love :notes:

I know, buddy. :cry:


No it isn’t!

Don’t be ridiculous!

NSFW if one lives in a monastery: Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck - YouTube

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Erasure - I Love to Hate You

Daughtry - That’s Not What I Meant To Say

Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer - Enough Is Enough

Billy Joel - Got to Begin Again

Evanescence - Call Me When You’re Sober


Of course it is, just hang a left at the Super Bowl, and you will be there in no time

Why not?

Hmmm, never thought of it as an anti-love song, although the subject of the song is definitely not getting any. Do you think NSFW Nazi Punks ____ Off is an anti-love song as well? It might just depend on your taste in partners…

BTW, how did you get that banned word past the filter? I couldn’t even quote your post with it there!

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