Your Most Niche Fandom

All right peoples, we all love MST3K. We all like things that a lot of other people love.

But what would you call your most niche or obscure fandom? Like, when you meet someone else who knows what you’re talking about, you squeak in excitement?

I’ve talked in the past about my complete love of the 1960s WWII drama Combat!, and I will never stop trying to turn people onto that show.

I am also a roaring fan of the Doc Savage pulps of the 1930s/1940s. A contemporary of the perhaps better known The Shadow, this modern-day superman traveled the world with his team battling strange beings and supervillains. Huge influence on me growing up and I’m pretty sure I own almost everything Doc ever made. :laughing:

So, lay it on us! What are your most obscure fandoms?


garth marenghis darkplace springs to mind immediately



Seriously, I only had one issue, but the fact that this crap even has a Wikipedia page made me squeal like a weasel on mescalin!


Manimal, Columbo, and Trainspotting. A lot of people have gotten on board the Columbo train lately though.


Hey, I just got on the Columbo train in March! I’m a trend-setter? lol!

Manimal. @DataAngel you are indeed a person of refined and distinguished taste.


you are indeed a person of refined and distinguished taste.

I’m a person of some kinda taste, that’s for sure.

I do own the entire series on DVD, though. For Manimal and Columbo.



Also, the Jeremy Brett-starring Sherlock Holmes series of the 80s and 90s.

What can I say? I have amazing taste.


You do. I own both series. :joy:

SeaQuest was so much fun, even when it went off the rails (WTF Mark Hamill??), and I loved the direction the 3rd season was going. Pooh on cancellation!


I have a [possibly unhealthy] obsession with The Designers Republic. Mostly the stuff from back when Ian Anderson was still hands-on on a regular basis. Fandom around a design studio is about as niche as it can get, but I sorta equate it with fandom that exists around artists and the arts. Or something.

Also, fandom around tabletop gaming isn’t exactly niche or unheard of but I adore Kingdom Death (warning: online content/searches will not be safe for work) and it’s rare to cross paths with other folks who play it. Just as rare is finishing its campaign with a set of dedicated players – happens sometimes with D&D/Pathfinder tables, but Kingdom Death adds the joychallenge of being repeatedly kicked in the huevos throughout the story.


I just watched this for the first time last week, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recommended it to a fan of The IT Crowd.


I have an undying love for indie games and the films (and music) of John Carpenter


Alien ripoffs. Contamination, Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World/Mutant, Creature, The Intruder Within, Horror Planet/Inseminoid, DeepStar Six, Leviathan, Xtro, Star Crystal

Seen them all and own a bunch. I absolutely adore Alien; it’s a touchstone film for me, one that informed my taste in movies and design and a lot else. So, yeah, gimme the garbage.


I loved SeaQuest. It wasn’t as good when Roy Scheider left but I watched it religiously.


SeaQuest, Sliders, Viper, Andromeda, and Time Traxx are all time favs.

I also enjoy Warhammer 40k


I remember SeaQuest! First season was pretty good then it got … weird. And didn’t they change the show’s name?

The Brett Holmes series is the best. (And I say that while still loving The Cumberbatch Sherlock and the Robert Downey Jr movies.)


Let’s see

Houdini & Doyle (fun little series, Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle solves mysteries in 1901 London)

Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin Nero Wolfe series (a well adapted version of the books)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (ridiculously cheesy fun)

Richard Shape series with Sean Bean (another great set of adaptations from the books [I’m sensing a theme here …] and the trials of filming it would make a series itself)

Leverage and The Librarians (Fun shows, Dean Devlin and John Rodgers make some really good TV)

Magnificent Seven, The Sentinel, and Stargate (three huge fandoms in the 90s not sure how much of a following those first two have these days.


Oh, Andromeda! Love that one, too. I discovered it about halfway through season 3 and it was very difficult to get back to the first seasons and figure out what was going on. Season 5 kind of went wonky but I really enjoyed the series.


I work in tech support, so watching the IT crowd tends to annoy me, but it is quite good for normal people :rofl:


My uncle was an art teacher and world traveler. He’d always bring home local artwork to either discuss in class or display in his condo. This piece captivated me as a young kid, long before I understood the political context or why it spoke to me. Now all grown up, I’ve been collecting books and prints (and some originals) of 20th Century propaganda posters from all sides of the political spectrum and from around the globe. They can be beautiful, they can be striking, they can be offensive, and just like with books, movies, and all other art forms, it’s fascinating to examine how poster art can be used to influence us into political stances just as it can be used to brighten our moods or get us to buy products. (My uncle, knowing this was my gateway drug into his world of art, gifted it to me.)


My main thing: Talisman (2nd edition) Boardgame

First couple of televisual things that I love and no one gives a crap about:
The Blondie and Dagwood movies

The Rockford Files

(I left out less obscure stuff like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the original Magnum P.I., etc).