Your True UFO and Alien Encounters

I mentioned my UFO story in this conversation about ghosts True Ghost Stories....share yours :) and that seemed to start to distract from the true ghost stories topic so I’m starting this conversation for your true UFO and alien encounters!

Mine happened on July 1, 1992 in Kamloops, British Columbia. I was laying on the back deck of my aunt and uncle’s house with my brother. My aunt, uncle mom and dad were sitting in lawn chairs. We were enjoying a beautiful warm summer night after going to a laser show. My brother and I were watching for meteors. All of a sudden my uncle said, “What the hell is that?”. All five of us saw a dimly glowing green triangular object fly silently and in a straight line right over the house. It was surreal because it was familiar yet so unfamiliar at the same time. We’d been to air shows and watched all kinds of movies and TV documentaries about aerospace technology. A triangular shaped aircraft was not unfamiliar to us but the green glow and silent flight at apparently a fairly low altitude was bizarre. I’m pretty sure what I saw was not from another planet, dimension, or the future. At the same time I have no real idea what it was. I’d never seen anything like it before and despite actively looking for something like it again, I haven’t seen anything close since. At the time I absolutely 100% believed what I had seen was an alien spacecraft and my brother did, too. My uncle was so happy to have been the one to spot it because he says he never sees that kind of thing when other people do.

So that’s my UFO story. Let’s hear yours!


I swear when Halley’s Comet came over…I would have probably about nine or ten years old…my superstitious Irish-Catholic mother brought me and my sister in the car to see it. Although it was not much after her mother died, I don’t know that my mother had much idea about it, just a cool thing. She was a big Richard Dreyfuss fan, though, so, who knows.

Didn’t see much, unfortunately, despite having been way out in the sticks with not much light pollution.

No, she was and still is a mostly reasonable person. It was still cool.

I think I might mentioned this once before, but my mother and my sister have some supersitious ideas. All of us have advanced degrees and plenty of life experience, I guess, but I still enjoy a good ghost story.

Do I believe them, even if I saw them with my own eyes? No, not really, but it’s fun.

Not about UFOs/Aliens so much, though, which is odd. Apparently Aliens from Outer Space don’t really fit into the Irish-Catholic mold the distaff half is into.