Master Ninja Theme Song

So I just rewatched both Master Ninja flicks. And as I have briefly mentioned I watched The Master back in the day. And not in passing. I made a point of watching it regularly. Not sure why…now. But to my early-teenage mind, it had ninjas! And while I probably did not know Van Cleef by name, I would have seen some spaghetti westerns by then.

But both episodes back to back were a treat. Helping me come to terms that this show really Sucked.

I know it was in keeping with the style of the show at the time, but did nobody ever ask how to be stealthy? Could we turn down the lights at some point? And what is with the deadly-not deadly tone? Van Patton brutally murders a guy he only met once, then does not really hurt people who are trying to put him and a girl into a shallow grave.

And that does leave me with a couple of questions burning in my mind. Did Sue Shroder ever get her film degree? And more importantly, will we EVER get that sequel to The Second Hundred Years?