Most painful MST experience

Yep. That Ninja Scroll. It really did not work.


That’s a pretty great anime… too bad that was the movie they decided to riff.

I know how you feel, but sometimes that blunt truth is what people need to get the point. If people were complaining for a while before you did make a point to pause the movie and talk to them, then you probably did what needed to be done.

Seriously, Ninja Scroll was the anime my husband (boyfriend at the time) used in 2002 to introduce me to anime, other than Speedracer… I was blown away at the quality of the art, the story, the fact that it was a theme that would normally be a live action film in the US… I had never experienced anything like that before, and it literally opened up a whole new world of cinema to me, and I was grateful to him for showing it to me.

I don’t want to tell you how to feel, because I totes get that you feel like your reaction was inappropriate, but really… sometimes, it really does take a girl who is usually happy, carefree and not easily offended who finally gets annoyed, and then bluntly puts things into perspective for someone to understand what negative consequences their actions are creating…

Hopefully, you are all still friends, but regardless, I can almost bet that a valuable lesson was learned that night by those friends of yours. If you still feel bad about it from time to time, perhaps consider that, in regards to life as a whole, they still have to understand how their actions affect others around them. It’s obvious that was (or still is) a lesson they had coming to them. They probably would have had to learn that lesson from someone who would have been a lot harsher and maybe even have caused lasting emotional or physical pain to them if you hadn’t done what you did, or they would go on behaving in a self-centered manner that would leave them alienated eventually. This was at least a friendly, forgiving, and all in good fun manner. Sometimes it takes a friend spelling it out to us bluntly, and that is the best way we can possibly learn a life lesson. If all my life lessons were learned that way, I would be very grateful indeed.

It’s always hardest to forgive the Self. I get it, I really do, but you are a good friend for doing what you did, even if you didn’t do it perfectly. I hope to be surrounded by friends who would do for me what you did for them. Honesty, acceptance, and forgiveness are the best environments for true growth and friends like you are the ones who help others along the path. Individual perceptions are limited, but many working together allows a more complete image of the Whole to be realized.


well, there was that time I sat on a tack while watching Manos…


Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. We’re often our own worst critics and it’s helpful to get an outside perspective. You’re very kind. :heart:


I fell asleep on Manos twice. I don’t know if that counts as painful or restful.


It’s certainly in the running.

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The thing about Hobgoblins was how Pearl hyped up that movie’s pain payload more than any other movie in the Sci-Fi era up to that point (think the Mads holding up the smoking VHS cassette in the biohazard container in The Castle of Fu Manchu).

And she wasn’t wrong to do so.



“I’m gonna send you SUCH a movie…”

I have used that a few times.


Actually I think on reflecting my most painful MST moment has nothing much to do with quality as content… I’m speaking of course of the infamous short Catching Trouble. My soul cries for justice for the poor Bear cub.

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